Rally help in horizon 2

I own a 1992 lancia delta hf intergrale evo and it is fully upgraded but I need help tuning it for off-road racing as it slips and slides around which is fun in free roam but not so much in a race.
Please help


What upgrades have you got in it? If you say it’s fully upgraded then my first thought is that there may just be too much power which will make tuning it difficult. In saying that, tire pressure set to 28 front and rear, soften your springs and Arb, increase your aero if your not sticking to the road, change your diff, default settings are horrible, can’t give you actual numbers without driving the car and knowing what is wrong with it, a suggestion would be to find the 3 minute build tutorial in the tuning forums for a base tune, then maybe go for some softer suspension and maybe make some changes to the damping.

28 psi is a bit high for that car. try reducing the pressure until you have the maximum contact patch. also, the front and rear tire pressures do not have to match. I would expect the pressures to be around 19 psi.