Rain tune

Is there anyone who dived into the art of setting up a good rain tune? My wonder if you should put on slimmer tires or Sport instead of Race tire, softer sway bars and so on? I can figure out that you need to increase tire pressure to achieve enough heat.

…you would decrease the pressure to speed up warm up time and generate heat because the tire moves more… You’d use higher downforce, different diff ratios and work on rear stability and drivability. Its not a case really of sport/race tires or slimmer tyres it’s a case of creating something with high levels of grip so when you do hit standing water you’re less likely to disappear into the bushes

awd swaps seem to help :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing last night while racing in the rain online. AWD was first thing that came to mind.

I think it would certainly need something other than race tires, to help disperse the water under the tire, just like F1 rain tires

Was torn between narrow and wide tires.

  • Wider tires have more surface area to disperse the water under them – But that could also allow the car to hydroplane more easily
  • Narrow tires have less grip and less surface area – the smaller contact patch would place more weight in that area possibly making hydroplaning more difficult.

I haven’t tinkered with it yet, though.

Interested to see what others have to offer.

You can leave race tyres on it makes no difference to grip levels unless you hit standing water. Doesn’t matter what tyres you got on the car you hit it at 70+mph your off anyway. Might as well keep the race tyres on.

I was having trouble in C7R (Bugatti Circuit was kicking my tail on Pro difficulty) ended up with softer suspension - Lowered accel diff, and more downforce than I would normally have - (I don’t really consider myself a good tuner - so if this is all discounted - I got no issues with it. Like I said it worked for me)

I built a b class mx5 for catalubya, didn’t change a thing and set a “respectable” time on Silverstone wet.