racing slicks do wear..

I run lots of laps and I don’t need to equip my car with drag slicks to suffer tire wear or fuel depletion.

If you use simulation damage & tire wear then all tire compounds wear and fuel deplete. If you play cosmetic damage then only the bumpers can fall off and the outside of your car can get crumpled. If you play with no damage then your car’s object box slightly increases so nothing can damage you, you do not lose fuel, tires don’t wear, and you may not fit in all the same holes.

I always run full damage but I’m talking about the racing seires that requires you to run drag slicks in curcuit races so you’ll need to pit every 2nd or 3rd lap. For 50 laps I just pit at least once on most tracks.

Requiring drag slicks for circuit racing = silly.
Requiring a pit every two or three laps = silly.

I don’t know what racing series you take part in, but the typical requirement is to pit 2 or 3 times during the race at your discretion. Some series may require that for a 50 lap race (in this example) you pit at minimum once in the first 25 and once in the second 25. Any additional pit stops that may be required are done by choice and strategy. Forcing everyone to pit every other lap just makes little to no sense as it’s not really equalizing anything nor does it bring in any strategy.

What adding drag tyre compound does however do is lower your grip so that you can add other upgrades and stay within your PI class. Drag compounds have more grip than street material (and perhaps more than sport) but less than race and the PI is somewhere in the middle as well. Then you simply have to learn how to handle the car on the drag slicks while racing. If you’re circuit racing them they will also wear faster than race tyre compound but that is a strategic decision one might make.

I have no idea what you’re trying to ask… or say???