Racing line is forced off!!

After the recent rules changes it would appear that the racing line will be forced off for both rivals and races. There is no official explanation for this so I can only assume it’s so the event looks “more proffessional” during offline events. Other than that I can’t think of a single reason why they would implement such a rule. It’s not like forza is a sim racer it’s simply an arcade racing game that focuses more on car culture than motorsport. So the argument for this rule change being more realistic is over before its started, the old saying goes u can’t polish a turd and in the same breath u can’t make a arcade game look and feel like a sim racer by turning the line off.

Basically rather than being “the most inclusive esports programe” this rule change makes it the most exclusive where only the very best will be able to enter with any sort of confidence. Further more those that have used the line all along only have a few days to catch up with those that have always had it off. We are talking years of practice compared to a few days. Well done to t10 and gfininty for making this event unfair and baised towards the elite of the elite. Meanwhile the rest of the community get told to suck it up while they have a perfect shot of lightning racing in a chair with no line on. Oh my that line must’ve really put ppl off from watching. The 20 30 mins between each race and the rubbish track limits are way more important than the stupid line. Get a grip u lot and start addressing the real issues

If somebody’s good enough to win a “professional gaming tournament” they’re good enough to drive without the Racing Line :wink:

That being said, I don’t know how they will enforce line-off in Rivals; maybe they’ll be using the [Hardcore] filter for final placings as you can’t set a time on that board unless Racing Line is disabled.

Regarding inclusiveness, the Recreation Series (Forza Horizon 3) is there for more casual players.

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I do not accept the Recreational series as a suitable alternative to the elite, they are diffrent games and should imo be treated separately.

I belive t10 can set up a board anyway they like. They have the same options we have when setting up a lobby and some extra 1s too for instance blacklisting individual cars

I accept that if u can win the elite series you can doit without the line. But if that is all this is about then what’s the rest of us here for. I personally like the experince and I like to be able to enter with the confidence I will do the best I can and not take ppl off the track. Each day this is starting to sound like the top 16 show yeah u can all come we are even going to invite more ppl to the offline events but we are not that bothered abour the rest so long as it looks good in the studio.

Yeah, if PJ is right, what about the rest. In that case they just as well could have made it another Invitational for the top 16 or 32.

That being said, I’m neither for or against the rule change, although I still struggle to find a decent breaking point on the third corner uphill to the right. The rest I’ve luckily worked out to precision after about 30 laps.

Would love to hear your comments on cosmetic damage for racing too.

Sim damage stops ppl from being wreckless, often ppl implement it for realism but imo it’s not realistic it’s just a deterrent. A bit like assured mutual distrunction. Same with most of the settings there not realistic but some serve a purpose. For instance the racing like completely unrealistic but it stop ppl missing the breaking points and causing accidents. It’s not like the tarmac changes colour like on p cars. Or the break marker boards stay where they are. Or a crack in the tar mac . This is what ppl do in real life look for something they can use. Fm has nothing like that it is not a realistic experince either way

Don’t forget rewind has to be off in rivals too. :wink:

Does it state that as well in the forzaRC rules?

Yes. No clue on how this will be enforced. Maybe it’s a hidden option on leaderboards?

1.4 Game settings (Rivals)
All rivals times must be set with the following maximum level of assists – For example, ABS could be turned off if drivers wish:

Suggested Line = Off
Braking = ABS On
Steering = Normal
Traction & Stability Control = TCS & STM On
Shifting = Automatic
Damage, Fuel & Tire Wear = Cosmetic
Rewind = Off

I’m confused. Here: it says, under “Assists”: “Drivers may use any assists they so wish.”. So, should I turn suggested line off or can I have it On?

It won’t let you run line even if activated on your assists.

As for rewind, you can still run with rewind ON. Will that disqualify many? Maybe. Not sure how that will be policed.

Edit: your link is to the recreation series. The elite series has a different rule set.

I don’t think they care considering that rewind auto-dirties your lap, and if they did they would’ve forced it off along with the line.

In other words: You’ve used it even though you knew you should not and now you do not want them to invalidate your lap.

Umm. no, the game already polices rewind itself by dirtying the laps when rewind is used, and the leaderboards don’t say whether you left it on or not, so it’s impossible for an outside force to know if you’ve used it or not. It doesn’t matter if you left rewind on, as long as you get a fast clean lap without physically rewinding once, that’s all that matters :slight_smile:

Maybe I am not reading this right, So these are the settings right. I see suggested line off. When you turn this off, you still have a braking line. Where does it say the Braking line will be turned off? I have never played this game with suggested line on, it has always been off.

I think it seems kind of backwards to take off the line but then allow players to run assists like stm, auto, and abs, all of which objectively hurt you in terms of speed. A person using those can massively unsettle a field of more experienced drivers during round 1. Considering that the rivals and the racing are separate, and there seems to be no baseline to determine how the lobbies are set up round 1, I can totally see an ABS player try to outbrake a player who doesn’t have ABS and then cause a massive pileup on the first corner. Let’s see how professional it looks then ;).

But TBH it just seems to be the case of the rules being written by a person that hasn’t played much Forza (if at all), so inevitably rules like this are gonna exist. That just means that it’s our job to bring those rules up for discussion and demand clarification.

Yep. My fear isn’t about me. I can adapt and drive pretty close to before without the line since I know most of these tracks well.

My fear is everyone else as you described with the ABS on example. The skill gap appears to be large and without any info regarding seeding week 1, it appears to be random.

So it possible week one to have one lobby with mostly good players and one with mostly average or even worse resulting in some players getting screwed out of earning points. Then with what looks like random grids, there will be massive wrecks due to skill gap.

They gave you the list of tracks so if you aren’t used to having the line off start practicing now. Yes you only have a few days for the first rivals at this point but the others are weeks away. I’m going to have trouble too, Practice those tracks every day with the line off and I think we will manage. Learn 1 at a time. They have asked us to use our brains and not be lazy, I don’t think that is a bad thing. It’s good for us to be challenged. It is not like I have any chance of being in the top anyway line off or on so it really does not matter. These are the tracks and cars, get cracking, I’m going too. Thanks for letting us know, I didn’t realize that was how they set it up.

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My hope is for week one that they use rivals points to determine seeding with tie breakers going to person with highest average placement.

Lobbies can then be easily formed based on this ranking so that one lobby isn’t more one-sided than the other.

My money is still on it being a typo. I don’t have a problem with line off but disallowing line while permitting all other assists is absurd.

It’s not a typo. It’s discussed in the Week in Review:

“The other big change for the Elite Series is the introduction of assists limitations. As we evolve the Elite Series, it’s important that we raise the skill bar for our most competitive players. With that in mind, for both Rivals and Race events in Season 3, we will be forcing assisted line to “off”. This limitation will be enforced automatically by Forza Motorsport 6 in Elite Series Rivals events, and enforced by race hosts during the Race events.”

The other assists all make you objectively slower, and so are self-penalizing, so I don’t see any need to disallow them. Players who use them won’t be competitive anyway.

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