Racing League idea

I hope this is the right place to post this. I have been racing in leagues since I have come online recently and actually having a lot of fun. But I have noticed the leaderboard is pretty much useless due to the huge league windows. The top of the leaderboard is more about who can spend the most time of the 12 hours a day that leagues are open than about how well you do. I imagine most players are like me and don’t have that kind of time to commit daily to a league. Also, the limit on basically one type of league per week is pretty limited. I think I have an idea that would help alleviate both issues. (I get that nothing is likely to change, but the idea came in a rush and wondered what others would think)

Currently one racing league is open daily for two 6 hours periods. I wasn’t around for two hour windows and could see how limiting that could be on player’s ability to participate. However, why not bring back two hours windows, except instead of having just one type of league, have six leagues weekly. Use the same time windows, but each leagues would only take up two hours of a portion of that window.

Instead of having one league that is 11am-5pm (central) and 7pm-1am (central), it would instead be six different class of leagues that would rotate weekly, like this;

League 1: 11am-1pm
League 2: 1pm-3pm
League 3: 3pm-5pm
League 4: 7pm-9pm
League 5: 9pm-11pm
League 6: 11pm-1am

This would not really limit the player pool, since only one league would be running at a time. Players with a more limited time frame could race in the league they can schedule into their hectic lives. The Leaderboard would be more reflective of the player skill levels. Players with more time on their hands could race in multiple leagues. Each league could be a different class, also giving a variety option for players with more flexible schedules to race the league they would prefer to race in. You would also tend to get to know the people that race in your time window more, since they would be more likely to be the same people on a daily basis. This would encourage a bit more accountability among regulars. Maybe even add morning windows for those in different time zones or work shift work like I do. Not like it would dilute the player pool, since no league is open then anyways. I know when I work 2nd shift, I’d love to race in league early in the morning (7am-9am). I know the C Class hopper is pretty full then, so it’s not like there aren’t players online then.

That’s a decent suggestion and one that has been made several times since launch. There’s actually a massive Thoughts On Leagues thread somewhere that used to be quite active back when T10 still seemed to be interested, but little was ever changed and in the end I think most players either stopped playing leagues or made peace with the fact that they are basically just slightly curated public hoppers with a meaningless points system, and enjoyed it for what it was.

It won’t change in FM6, but if you want your suggestion considered for FM7 there’s a wish list thread way down in the General forum, I think.

Do we have a wish list for FM7 yet? This should go in there