Picture1 by FA RACING 01,


This gallery will showcase some designs done in colab between myself [FA RACING 01] and [twiztedjugallo] or then TJ as I call him who you will know from his masterful creation of chibies. The designs will mostly be a combination of a fantasy and racing display. In general TJ will do all the art for the car designs whereas I will do all the logos/vinyls and the design-display. Depending on what car we are working on, these roles will sometimes be reversed. We will both still have our separate galleries.

Feel free to comment or criticize - both are always welcome and we really do appreciate your feedback.

FA and TJ

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Our first car is the Nissan GTR - sort of a mono display.

!(http://RLD2 by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)
!(http://RLD1 by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)

Then the same car, just in some colour

!(http://RLD4 by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)
!(http://RLD3 by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)

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Very Nice Work!! I think I like the “mono” a little bit better.

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Very Nice Work!! I think I like the “mono” a little bit better.

Many thanks Elm. To be honest I think the “mono” one also kinda grow better on us. Thanks


To kick things off myself and TJ decided to run a little competition. All you have to do is guess the number of layers we used on the right hand side of the car. Each person have three (3) guesses and the one closest by Friday 24th. will win 100 million Cr. and the colourful version of the GT-R above. You only need to have Gold Live to take part.

Good luck and thanks for your support.

Oh ya, and the first to post on our new Gallery will win 20 million Cr.

!(http://halloween happy by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)

Results of the GUESS THE NUMBER OF LAYERS competition - This was very close - within 9 counts from three participants. The correct number of layers was 895, so our winner of this one is MFBigfoot79.

Well done Bigfoot. Please FR me so I can see when to hook you up for the prize car. A 1998 Toyota Supra RZ marked RLD in the AH for 24 hours will cash in your 100 million Cr prize.

Thanks to all who participated and be sure to have a look here soon for some more. In the meantime check out TJ’s mini quiz further down for a car to win.

PS. NACHO - I’ve sent you a PM - looks like someone hijacked your Supra for the prize for Posting First.

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Really don’t need the cash :wink: - but great idea to colab. Love both your stuff - looking forward to seeing some really cool designs outta this =]

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Thanks mate for the kind words - and yes we sure gonna try to please.

PS * This means that, due to IROC’s generosity, the 20 Million Cr. for first to post on our new gallery is still up for grabs.

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The gallery looks great FA. The colors on the Nissan really make that design pop. I’m looking forward to seeing what you and “TJ” come up with next. May I suggest something on a 2010 Camaro? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nacho

Thanks Nacho -we really appreciate that. And yes your suggestion for the Camaro will be most welcome and appreciated. And ya, your’e the first to post here so 20 million Cr is yours. A Supra RZ marked RLD in the ah for 24 hours will cash that in. Just send me a message on XBLive when done. Thanks again.

I really like the Design(s), looking good! I’d love to own it so I will be the first to guess I guess.

Guess 1 - 1000 Layers
Guess 2 - 800 Layers
Guess 3 - 650 Layers

Keep the great designs coming, I can’t wait to see more.

Love the cars. Would love to also own one.
My guesses - 950, 900, 875

My layer guesses: 886, 926, and 986

Thanks Wolf and Bigfoot for the heads up - much appreciated. Wow both of you and Nacho sure knows your livery count.

I have several cars that have 1000 layers.

I can’t wait to see what you two cone up with next. Love both your other work an I can see only great things to come from this.

Guess 1 - 999 Layers
Guess 2 - 888 Layers
Guess 3 - 852 Layers

Ok then! I’m going to have to say a big thank you to everyone! There’s a lot more to come! Nacho you know my style! I love American muscle cars! I think FA andI can definitely do something with the 2010 Camaro! Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned! Who knows what is next! :slight_smile:

!(http://Happy-Halloween-2013-Wallpapers by FA RACING 01, on Flickr)

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hellboy!Well it’s my favourite holiday again! Yaaaaaaaaaaay Halloween! So in keeping with the Halloween theme I have a mini quiz!

The first 3 to enter with correct answers will receive a hellboy mustang based on the mike mignola style comic con design! From us at RLC!

So here is the question!

Robert Englund is famous for his horror movies such as nightmare on Elm Street and 1001 maniacs but what was the video game he starred in along side Sara Michelle gellar?

Not only do you have to give me the name of the game but the name of the dlc too!

Good luck!


TJ & FA :slight_smile:

PM sent (so as to not give away the answer to others).

Thanks, Nacho

Winner of our Layer Competition announced in post 3 above. Well done to the winner and thanks for the support guys. And be back again.