Races with multi class PI?

What’s the deal with this? It’s not as if a d class is going to beat an s2, why is this a thing, and is there a way around this, other than having every car variable maxed out to top PI?

I’ve seen this in online races where in a convoy, someone start a race and if you accept, you get to choose cars from your garage that qualify, so for example I chose an A class. There were 6 players, 4 A class, one B class and one S2 class. Obviously the S2 won, the B class quite, the A class had a fun racing time though.

I’ve also seen it when I’ve created a pvp race.

It’s been a thing in IMSA and Le Mans for more than a few years. Are there no rewards given by podium for each class?

IDK, I get a payout and I believe influence. But my finish position is over all, and not based on my class

Used to be able to race a lower class car in higher class races in FH1. I did miss that.