Races are unplayable

Hi, I’m facing an issue with races and events, every single time I play a race, any race, I get hit with constant stuttering and lag. It’s still somewhat playable but it’s quite annoying. It has never crashed when doing this either. It will continue to lag right up until the event is over then it will go back to normal. It also seems it only happens when doing a event with driveatars as solo events don’t experience the lag. I know for sure it’s not a hardware problem as I’m running the game with a GTX 1070ti and a R5 2600 which gets anywhere from 75-100 fps when not doing events. I’ve tried messing around with my video settings and no matter what preset I play on my game will always stutter and lag when playing events with driveatars. From memory this did not happen when playing the demo, i have been experiencing this since launch.