[RACE] SKYLINE0123 Paint Gallery! Comments, critiques and requests gladly taken!

I guess i’m going to need a 2nd AMG in my garage


AMG is A Masterpiece Guaranteed! Great work mate, Petronas liveries always look great.

well i just bought the Z4 with your Staedtler paint and i think it has got to be one of the best paints i ever saw in Forza! absolutly blown away

reminds me of when i saw the Kabuki LFA or the NenGun R33 in Forza 5 ^^ absolutly unique man! thanks alot :slight_smile:

Many nice paints Skyline ! The AMG GT , Z4 & GT stand out as faves … and the Camaro too!

Alot of awesome paints, but the Staedler Z4 is my favourite. Love the pencil effect on that one, will pick it up with a few others :slight_smile:

Your DTM BMW is magnificent