[Race] OMG iTs My5t3rY Thread of stuff

Some of you may remember me but doubtful… I did a lot of painting for some shops like “Redline Tuning”, “AutoArt Tuning”, and etc back in the forza 2,3, and 4 days… Anyways I decided to give this game a shot since i skipped out on Forza 5 for the most part since drifting was murdered imo…

Anyways less stuff about the past… I will start this thread out with a S13 I threw together…






Hopefully its up to todays standards!

Looking good mate, a pretty funky drift car indeed! Keep 'em coming.

I have like one thing to say OMG! It’s Mystery! lol how ya been man? Bring back a few Redline classics!

Thanks a lot!! hopefully will be able to turn out some stuff soon!

haha whats up man! its been a long time, I definitely thought about doing some of the old redline cars, it just sucks I have to start from scratch since i have no logo’s at all haha

I was messing around with some gradients and came out with something decent, comments/critiques welcome!

forever stuck in the vinyl maker making logos haha

Neons looking nice. AND welcome back.