[RACE] OKC Radar Bob updated: 12/13/2017 - 1987 Ferrari F40

Sounds good. Thanks.

You still going to release that paint job today?

Two cars for today…

2015 Mustang GT - decided to try this leaderboard car (Watkins Glenn - last race in the Sport Touring series - Domination) and see what I could do. Never really attempted to paint/tune/drive a car stictly to see how fast I could run a lap. Again, I went with the Sean Hyland scheme (graphics a little busier this time) and setup-tuened the car to my liking, set the race to long (17 laps iirc) - posting a top %5 clean-lap time! I needed a boost as it’s been a tuff last few weeks for everyone, yes … this gave it to me. Enough banter - pics.
Mustang GT
2015 Ford
Type: Race
Paint name: #25seanhyland

#63 Squadra Corse Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo
2015 Lamborghini
Type: Race Replica… #63 Squadra Corse - Rodger Dubuis - 2017
Paint name: #63rogerdubuis
#63 Squadra Corse Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo - painted by request… was a lot more complex then I first thought and became my 2nd most time consuming paint to date, next to the SAMUS image. 99% of the main graphic on the roof of the car is see-through so I can add it to other cars if I choose. It was a fun project.

With these two additions, I’ve now completed 4 paints using only the Forza7 paint booth. I can say it’s something I’m going to avoid in the future if possible. I can overcome most the issues except alignment… it’s just too hard to see (passenger side especially) when doing even simple on-car alignment of vinyls. If I can do it in F6, I will and simply transfer over. No more “painting by moonlight” for this guy. REALLY disappointed with F7… it is what it is.


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Excellent work!

Nice work, plenty of good cars there.

I did spot that you were using default/incorrect text on your modern Castrol logo though. That needs a do-over if you ever plan on making a Castrol-themed design. If it helps you can trace mine.

I agree with your points on the new editor though, it’s really hard to do precision work now.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: Coming from you that means a lot!

Appreciate the helpful advise - that darn Castrol logo was simply Radar Bob being lazy and picking the font that seemed to match, instead of just getting in there and doing it. I’m just gonna have to delete that file. Again, thanks for stopping by and helpful words, we can always use some of that! edit: I’ll certainly have to stop by and grab the logo from the PJT vault… I’ll have to make an exception if I’m going to trace it. I try not to do that, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done right.

I think we both know that the editor on FM7 ain’t gonna get fixed anytime soon - way too many other problems need solving/fixing/patching/re-doing so I suspect we’re just stuck with it. Since there are so many cars here that weren’t in FM6, if it gets really bad I’ll just get a copy of Horizon3 and use that editor (oops, already there - it’s already my next purchase).

[RACE] OKC Radar Bob - updated: 10/28/2017 - 3 Updates / 3 New


By Request: #45 Flying Lizard Motorsports R8 LMS ultra 2014 Audi. Paint name: customer_racing

I didn’t post this one even though it was done awhile back… but since Forza7 now features this livery it became moot. However, due to the paintable surfaces being different in F7, I had to relocate a few graphics. Also, since I was going to release the livery on 8a - might as well include both of them in the gallery.
#17a LIQUI MOLY M-Sport Continental GT3 2014 Bentley. #17a Bentley Team M-Sport: Bathurst 2/25/17. Paint name: #17aBentlyBH2017

#17a LIQUI MOLY M-Sport Continental GT3 2014 Bentley. #8a Bentley Team M-Sport: Bathurst 2/25/17. Paint name: #8aBentleyBH2017


On the two Black Falcon cars, the front & rear splitters became paintable - so we needed to revise the livery accordingly. Also in the case of #5, I changed out the green metal flake paint for the two-tone polished green, much better due to the reduced graphic content on metal flake paints (looks flat).
#84 HTP Motorsports SLS AMG GT3 2014 Mercedes-Benz. #2 Team Black Falcon @ Dubai 2016 | Updated 10/25/17. Paint name: #2blkfalcon2016

#35 Black Falcon SLS AMG GT3 2011 Mercedes-Benz. #5 Team Black Falcon @ Nurburgring 2015 | Updated 10/25/17. Paint name: #5blkfalcon2015

The Lotus was originally gloss green carbon fiber, but had to change this due to Forza 7 not allowing us to tint that paint any longer. So it was changed to the green two-tone polished and also changed the Castrol graphics out (thanks for pointing that out PJ - a work in progress).
2-Eleven 2009 Lotus. Paint name: #92turbo2-11 | Updated 10/25/17

With paintable surfaces changing from Forza6 to Forza7 - looks like I’ll be playing catch-up for awhile.



1966 Ford #2 GT40 Mk II Le Mans - Paint name: #7valvoline
Wasn’t really happy with my old paint on this car, so it has now been replaced with this one having more period-correct decals. Really wanted to do a replica, but those have been done so time for something new.

That’s all for now - jammed my thumb while tending to our new kittens (little rascals were tryin’ to get where they shouldn’t be) so I’m unable to paint/drive right now (can’t even hold a glass of milk, jammed it really good this time). Anyway - taking a few days sabbatical… hope to be back to painting soon.

(and thanks for stopping by)

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Aventador LP700-4 - 2012 Lamborghini - Paint name: LP700-4_bnldi#33
Hopefully the last car that had the graphics dorked during the transfer from F6 to F7. On this car, all the graphics on the top were shifted left and some minor shifts on the side graphics were also needed. So this is just a redo - but she looks better now :slight_smile:

With that done, my next project is the Kaspersky 488… so I’ll be buried in the paint booth for awhile. So see ya soon - have fun guys :slight_smile:


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Hi man, i tell you again, you did some really nice and detailed liveries, i’ll download them when i can for sure.


Thank you sir - but I must add, no more so then your Subaru STI - nice work there too!
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as well. :slight_smile:


Now this was yet another fun project, and just like my previous paint… one that I’ve been wanting to tackle for awhile now. Hope you like her :slight_smile:

Thought I’d just add this for the record… repost from (Request) Kaspersky 488

2015 Ferrari - 488 GTB
Type: Race Replica
#55 Kaspersky Motorsport - 24hrs of SPA 2017
Paint name: #55kaspersky(1)



Very nice work on the Kaspersky Ferrari mate.

Thank you sir! You know as a newb, we gotta try harder and I knew I would need to up my game to even attempt to keep up with artists here like yourself. Please feel free to comment either positive or negative here. I’m always very impressed with your garage as well as your latest & greatest - opinions & comments from guys like you are always welcomed (and valued).

For today’s update we have:
Fairlady Z - 2003 Nissan | Type: Race Replica | #07 Z1 Motorsports | Brian Kleeman @ PWC Sonoma 2014 | Paint name: #07z1motorsports
I originally did this design for Forza6, but was a car that wasn’t in F7 so I picked another Fairlady and got this knocked out yesterday. Don’t forget, all you have to do is click on the image to go to that photo gallery… this time we have 12 images of this racer.

More to come soon :wink:

PS: have a happy thanksgiving everyone!

Part 2 of todays update: K-PAX Racing Car Pack. With the P1-GTR & #60 Bhaitech already having a K-PAX livery, I thought it would be a good idea to complete the set.

First up is repaint on the 12C-GT3 Replica #6 KPAX Racing Thorn @ PWC Sonoma 8/24/2014. Metallics just don’t look good on anything but the XOX or PC, so I changed this one out to the two-tone polished so at least it looks the same accross platform (and looks much better on my X1S.)

Next three are replicas from the K-PAX Racing team @ PWC Road America 5/27/2017, where they celebrated their 100th podium finish.
#6 KPAX Racing Sellers/Kane @ PWC Road America 5/27/2017 - Paint name: #6sellers2017

#9 KPAX Racing Parente/Barnicoat @ PWC Road America 5/27/2017 - Paint name: #9parente2017

#98 KPAX Racing Hedlund/Lewis @ PWC Road America 5/27/2017 - Paint name: #98hedlund2017

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!


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Need to go shopping!
Awesome collection of replicas!


WOW! I’m bummed I didn’t see your thread earlier. There are some really amazing liveries in here. Gonna have to add a few to my shopping list, loving the Kaspersky 488!

Sincerely appreciate the words of encouragement guys - always nice to see when your hours of work pays off. You made my week guys - thanks!


Todays update: First up is #72 N.A.R.T. 512 BB/LM - original race livery. Paint name: #7nart.

Just a simple race livery for the Prototype Group Racing in career. Was pretty disappointed to see the BMW ProCar reduced to a has been in this series (being one of the dominate cars in F6 IIRC), so I changed rides due to homologation. Overall pretty happy with the patriotic red-white-and blue theme.

Next is the AMG CLK GTR - 1998 Mercedes-Benz. Tribute Livery - #2 Team Black Falcon @ Dubai 2016. Paint name: #2abudhabi.
EVERY Mercedes in my garage gets the Black Falcon treatment - it’s just what I do :slight_smile:


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1987 Ferrari F40 - Kaspersky Motorsport tribute livery. Paint name: #25kaspersky
As usual, no really good liveries to do on this one so I adapted the Kaspersky’s 458 livery from a few years back.