[Race] I confess, i'm stuck in the 80's

Lancia 037 Würth

Audi Sport Quattro

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They are good starts mate but I would suggest avoiding stock fonts unless they look more like the logo you are trying to copy. Also when working with replicas see if you can copy the real number board, it looks better than using a Forza board. These are good starts, just keep practicing and you will soon be painting with the best of 'em. I can’t wait to see more.

Nice start

Hello and thanks,

I don’t want to compete with the top painters. My approach is just to have a reasonable nice car by acceptable affords :wink: Its fun to paint cars in Forza, but to also very time consuming to get perfect results. If I look to some car paints I ask myself “Do this people have Forza just for painting? Do they still have time to race? This looks like a full time job!” … hahaha … well it’s, like always, about experience … let’s see what paints I do in the future.

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This is very true haha!

Look forward to seeing what else you paint along the way as got a good solid start


nice start dude, keep it up



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New paints are looking nice, keep on improving and I can’t wait to see whats next.

Alfa 33 Fila

Has nothing to do with competing with the big guys i dont no purpose, just be yourself paint what you like and have faith in yourself bud.

Alfa looks good.


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Really nice stuff here looks really good.

Ok … sometimes also long before the 80’s …

Mazda Cosmo

McLaren M2B

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Also available naow in blue, green and violet … Other colors on request.

Honda VTEC

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That CRX is pretty sick…

Love the way you’ve used, i’m guessing semi gloss base color…!! Reminds me of Tron…

Thanks, Yes gloss base color. If you want, it is available in any color, as long as base color is black :wink:

If you like on of my paint but prefer different colors, feel free to ask.

simple paint Job, but i like it …

El Camino