[RACE] GUMBALL 3000 by PolizeiYT **Wolfpack McLaren 650s**

great stuff as always mate may have to grab that viper

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Awesome work as always, loving the 'Vette!

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I was looking for the original Team Poliezi e39 M5 livery the blue 144, and black 144b (i believe I could be wrong). I did not feel like making them myself this time around. I did them once in FM4. Will you be making these I would really appreciate it.

Yes I’ve been in discussion with ‘the Boss’ about reproducing my full F4 line up. It’s in hand.

144a (NYC) and 144b (LA) were blue, 144r was the black one (rhd, lives in London).

Latest re visit is the classic Jon Olsson 2012 Audi PPi R8 from Gumball 2012.
I had realised a ‘Pegi-3’ Besafe version for the weekly competition but alas, no pick so here’s the actual version!

This R8 is looking fantastic mate! Nice stuff as always.

Many thanks again Ace, your Capri is rocking it for my car of choice btw!

Here is Maximillion Coopers Jaguar XJ220 from 2008 Gumball, been tweaked for presentation to Gumball HQ.

really liking the Jaguar XJ220 design, a very unique looking design.

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Very nice work! If you ever need some source photos hit me up in a PM. I have lot’s.

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XJ220 is looking awesome mate. Always loved those cars and your beautiful paint just sealed the deal. I’m gonna be picking this up as soon as possible. Perhaps my favorite of yours yet! Also, I am glad that you like the Capri mate. It seems to be quite popular and is a personal favorite of mine as well.

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I’m going to have to track down some shots of that Wolfpack set. I don’t have FM6 but I could stare at those all day!

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VXR Stu, Spo1led Jam1e, Ace, thanks chaps.

Sp1r1tofG0nz0, they’re in F5 and Horizon 2 too.

Small update in a rare online moment (will get to go through a mountain of threads to catch up with the rest of the forum later).

Revisit to a simple 2011 paint, Team 46’s Skyline

Topgun SLR from 2010 rally

and a fresh new F-Type Jaguar from 2014 rally too

Loving all of them mate but that SLR is my favorite! Loving the war plane design. Keep it up!

Not much to say, you know i love your work bro, and that Jag, looks perfect :slight_smile:

Cheers chaps I’m now working on two projects that may take some time!
One being Forza6’ing one of my original F4 replicas and one of this years Gumballs … Damn I’ve a headache already!!

Ok, so I’ve got erm sod all done to what I wanted done…
New car packs interrupt my plans!

So a race livery for the weekly competition comes out… tweaked to make it competition save, a Jon Olsson Rebellion.

and another fantasy Wolfpack paint to follow up the WolfBAC, a Caparo T1 version.

Betsafe sponsored version of the Rebellion as driven by Jon on the 2014 Gumball to be released tomorrow.


Always count on you to be ready with new Gumball liveries. Beautiful mate, very nice!

Not driven the Caparo yet, but will grab that livery!


beautiful gallery Polizei!!
I’ve always been a fan of your work quality.
I instaled me here :wink:

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Haha, that was get home from work and work flat out till 3am!

It’s interesting! Tyres go very red when drive it.

Thank you for the support Pat.

As promised, here’s the ‘naughty’ Betsafe version of the Jon Olsson Rebellion.