Race Gearbox

Can anyone explain how to go about tuning the individual gearing on a race gearbox…?? What should I be looking for when setting up each gear…??


Set the final drive to hit the limiter just as you enter the braking zone on the longest straight. This gives you a base to work off. Individual gearing is track specific, for example, on long beach, the section at the roundabout, you might take the roundabout turn in 2nd gear, on the approach to the next right hand bend you might be in 3rd gear, but just before you take the next right turn for the straigh you might have changed briefly into 4th. Here with the race box you can lengthen 3rd gear to allow you to take the 2 right turns in 3rd without having to change up and down gears, this can save you time.

you also don’t have to use all the gears available, you might be quicker at lime rock with 4 gears, so max out the final drive so that your banging the limiter in 4th as you come to the end of the start finish straight, and then set the gears in between to suit the corners.

Most people don’t use the race box because of the pi cost that comes with it.

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Ok thanks for ur reply…I’ll give it a try…