Race Entry Fee

Race entry fee’s should be a part of Forza Race Regulations update (GOD WHEN??). Imo optimal number is 100k entry fee for Forza GT Endurance races as it’s around 200% of 1st place prize. Basically you have to pay 100k for a chance to win 50k. You lose 100k and obviously win nothing if you don’t finish the race (which is the main reason entry fees should be implemented). If you finish the race, you get your entry fee back + prize credits. Also it should take your money ONLY if the race has started (not just for entering the lobby). This will keep players who don’t have much experience yet from entering the race and leaving after the 1st corner. Hopefully it will force competitors to be more careful too because you have to finish the race and nobody wants to do laps by himself in the end of the pack for 20 minutes.

The only downside I can see is you’ll lose 100k if you lose connection for some reason. But to be honest I’d be glad to pay that price for improvements race entry fees can provide.


This is a completely ridiculous idea and makes zero sense. Hopefully a mod deletes this thread pronto. That’s my very polite opinion and not the one I actually had when I read this post.



Race regulations probably don’t make sense for you too.

So whats the incentive to even compete? If you finish in 1st place, you’ve still lost 50,000 CR. Why would anyone even enter the race at all?

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If you really want to do this, experience should be based on experience and on different driving licenses required to access a specific race. This is an important regulation we need.

And I think the idea of paying credits is just pointless.


Entry fee as an idea is good, BUT not just like how you said…

People only lose money by racing and that is the main thing why it does not work. Those who don’t have millions have to grind other races to be able to participate in online races. People want to GET money by racing. Not lose.

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Whoops, bad formulation. What I meant to say is you lose your money ONLY if you leave. You pay = you enter, you finish = you get your entry fee back + prize; you enter and don’t finish = you lose 100k. Sorry for confusion.

EDIT: I see you edited the OP while I was typing this, getting the entry fee back for finishing the race plus prize money on top of the entry fee is a much better system than you originally typed. That might put a stop to the rammers pretty quickly.


If you want to do an entry fee, the you need to divide the pot among the field, it would take a little thought from T10 to implement correctly with the varying field sizes but for example.

If 10 people enter, entry fee per person is 15,000cr. Total pot equals 150,000cr

Prize Money
1st: 30,000cr
2nd: 27,000cr
3rd: 25,000cr
4th: 23,000cr
5th: 15,000cr
6th: 14,000cr
7th: 10,000cr
8th: 5,000cr
9th: 1,000cr
10th: 0cr

You could obviously tweak those values, but this was just a quick example. If you wanted to you could also make it impossible to join another lobby if you quit early, until the race you quit from is finished.

No need to call it an entry fee, just make it so you lose credits for quitting. A penalty of some kind for quitting sounds ok ( details to worked out at future time ) especially ones that increase with the number of times you quit within a certain timeframe.

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You DO lose your credits if you quit. If you finish you get prize money and if you quit you get nothing. Same thing as what the OP is going on about anyway. That’s why the idea is ridiculous and makes zero sense.

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I like the idea!

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A better idea would be to have a license style system aka GranTurismo you would have a number of licenses to attain, for example, 4 or 5 to race in various events, each individual license would be made up of 8 segments cornering tasks braking and such, with 3 pass conditions from bronze to gold. you have your license you enter the race and you ram, corner cut or rage quit you get a point on your license for each instance, 3 points means you have to go back and redo the last segment of the license you used to compete in the event but if you passed that segment with a bronze pass you would need to be at least silver to regain that segment and have your license at full again so you can complete in that event. for every block of 3 points you get you would have to redo a segment of the license passing at a higher point that you did before (until you hit gold )

The point of suggested system is simplicity in implementing. Makes no sense for me to suggest something more complicated, considering it takes 8 or 9 month for T10 to develop and release race regulations.

If we talking about ‘dream scenario’ I’d probably see career-like multiplayer. Something like Race Driver: GRID single player. You start racing street cars, gain licenses (pass tests too), create your team/club (if you want), gain sponsors, hire your staff and pit crew (you’d have to remake whole game for this one), the more you progress - the higher classes you are eligible for. Of course driver/impact rating should be there as well to keep it clean and so you matched with players of your skill level. Qualification/Flag system. Maybe you could sign contracts with big (esport) teams to compete in amateur classes. But to be honest Forza esport is a joke and nobody cares about it enough for this feature to be implemented. Obviously even being a high level driver you could go back to street cars, there probably just would be less drivers of your level and matchmaking would take longer. Custom lobbies is a must too. Also cars could be totaled and you’d have to pay for repairs. The better staff you have - the faster is repairing process. You wouldn’t be able to enter the race in this car until the car is ready. But it’s all fantasies and would take years for T10 to develop.

Even then entry fee would still be useful. If you enter the race you have to finish it (yes, CW40, you have). Currently this game doesn’t provide you a reason to. Sometimes I leave races too, just because it gets boring racing with 6 drivers at Le Mans that either 2km behind or in front, considering there were 24 at the start of the race. Mostly I leave because I’m getting crashed by others though. These ‘others’ would have at least one less reason to enter the race with entry fees.

Edit: no wonder multiplayer is a sh#t show in 2019 as community is quick to hate on this kind of ideas. Judging from the likes CW40’s post received.

Recently have grinded FM4 after starting with 5 on the 1. That’s some silly fun with numbers right there! But there you lost victory credits for repairs, and I found myself quite liking that feature, because it was an incentive to actually do better, the likes of which they just do not bother with anymore. Entry fees plus travel costs, staff costs, and all sorts of other things, while realistic, would make a game a bit painful. Oh, but my comments are mainly single player focused. For multiplayer I think there are better ways to improve matters. Can’t we just turn off collisions altogether now, for a start?

Better off making it a million instead of 100k
Its not that hard to get 100k in this game and wont deter wreckers from having their fun

It wouldn’t be fair for competitors to lose 1mil if random disconnect happens. Yeah it wouldn’t completely remove wreckers from lobbies, but considering most rammers leave after their job is done it still would affect large part of them as well as quitters, who would rather finish the race than pay 100k. This probably shouldn’t be forced to all lobbies, just in Endurance events and should be available as an option in event creating menu (where start type and other options are). Also I want to make it clear that I don’t suggest 100k as a fixed amount for every lobby, instead it should be around 200% of 1st place prize, so if it’s 3 lap race and 1st place prize is 20k, you’d lose 40k in case of quitting mid race. The reason I used GT Endurance as an example is because this lobby suffers the most from quitting, which ruins the race for others. Feel like I had to clarify that as I see no other reason than misunderstanding that would make people hate on ideas aimed to improve quality of multiplayer. So far I didn’t really see any points that prove this idea worthless.

Some good idea’s.

I personally don’t like the idea of credit fee or $$ penalty, as it not going to deter a player with $100M, and can penalize those with legitimate reasons to quit a race, such as;

  • Lost connection
  • Real life issue that needs urgent attention.
  • Game Bugs ( i get one online all the time that effectively gives me 25% of brake travel)
  • Undriveable tune / settings, Quit for time to change for next race.
  • Getting rammed, Quit have time to report player from lobby menu.

i like the idea of just restricting the quiting player from joining another lobby right away, i’d like to expand on that to restrict them from leaving lobby menu until say 30sec after race.
This would deter Quitters they’ll have to wait until race is finished anyway, and Rammers would be forced stay to face the player/s they rammed and get reported.
This would be useful in combination with Marshal Program and Race Regulations.

Going a bit OT, but I’ve had that brake limit bug many times when offline. It’s seems to always be when I have just restarted the game, and I usually find out when I blow completely through the first turn and any cars in the way. I can floor the brake and see the HUD tell me I have pressed it less than half way. I have found that if I just hold it floored for several seconds it will suddenly “pop” and go to full braking with absolutely no change in pedal position or feel (so it’s not a sticky pedal).

Its annoying AF, offline i pause the race and go into advanced controller menu, that works for me, but online you can’t pause a live race so i quit and go the menus in lobby screen.
I’m doing this between every online race ATM to avoid being cause of a turn 1 pile up, leaves very little time for anything else…

Didn’t know others were affected as i have never seen it raised on here before, might need to start a new thread.

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