R-Class cars?

I was searching tunes, and I found C,B,A, S1, S2,X and R class! There aren’t tunes for that class,but what is it?

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Tunes imported from previous Motorsport games most likely.

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Peeerfect :wink: I saw them in a S14, so previous games tunes are impossible :joy:

Well, I found that pic on the internet… The Crown Vic wasn’t in any Forza Games…

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Omg I always see that same Crown Vic maxed out at 999. Somebody’s taking their job seriously…

Today i saw a Buick GNX In R Class
Why cant we drive R Class Cars In FH3 and FH4 And FH2

The Crown Vic Is a DLC car i believe in FH3

I also mentioned the same car with an “R-Class” Car, which war a Regal GNX with Engine Bowler.