Quite a twisted definition of motorsport

I’ve done only 3 championships in the Seeker (first) cup so forgive if it changes in later cups but I have a few points to make.

So Forza Motorsport is considered to be a serious “simulatory” racing game. But how can you take it seriously when stuff like this is normal:

  1. There’s no qualifying. You always start in the middle of the pack and have to fight your way through, super aggressively I might add if you play on default race length.
  2. There are no penalties for cutting corners or ramming your opponents.
  3. Said opponents aren’t affected by mechanical failures and tyre wear.
  4. Races in the same championship award different amount of SP. Why bother winning race 1 for 100 SP if you can win race 4 for 400 SP?

Also, Ken Block decided to pit after the first lap in a two lap race during his showcase, effectively letting me win without trying. What a nice dude.

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