Quick question on number board placement / orientation

Working some more on my Urus design and wanted to get some advice on number board placement and orientation. In my mind, the number board is not really an integral part of a race car’s livery … as it’s really more related to the event and the event sponsors than the vehicle. If that’s primarily the case, should number boards always be placed on a level horizontal? Or are they are skewed or rotated at all to fit better with the livery or the lines of the vehicle?

I’ve placed a number board on the Urus … but to my eye it doesn’t look like it’s oriented properly because of the lines of the vehicle? Am I making something out of nothing here? Thoughts?

Usually I when at motorsport events from what I’ve seen they will be placed level. Though some do have a slight orientation on them. It’s really up to a personal preference.

At least it’s not like the one I’m working on :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they look better when on a level horizontal as it keeps things clean and inline with the rest of the logos. Having said that, drift cars are a different story. When your car is sideways more than straight, the logos just seem to look better slanted and I could see that rolling over into the number board. So like Skreamies said, personal preference.

As for the car lines, I would always avoid those so there isn’t that funny break. Some people do really good designs that you only notice the break in side shots like that, but I still would avoid breaks just as a weird OCD thing. (I am not a painter, it’s just something that bugs me) Obviously with some cars you can’t avoid it, but if the design isn’t based on a real car, go with what looks better =)

Go with the flow of the paint design or by using the cars lines to align are also a good way.
The urus I would actually move it down to below the main crease down on the side or at least have it alligned with the angle of the windows.

Each car is different but just see what works in a few placements and go with what you prefer.


Number board placement on real world cars really doesn’t appear to be very important. Check out the number board placement on this RX7

With that in mind, place the number board somewhere that ‘looks right’ to YOU on the car, if it flows with the design it’s probably better but as you can see above on real world cars, sometimes not a lot of thought has been put into it’s placement