Quick Chat Confusion?

Linc Mobb aka StreetKing or SK for short, chiming in.

I have a couple of quick questions regarding quick chat. First off, in Team Adventure I have noticed individuals asking me to “Go Check out their house”, to “Use Drone Mode”, or even more confusing, to go to “#ForzathonLive?”. This is during actual races and my question is, is there a way to do these things without losing any position in the race itself? If so, how much time can I do these things before being removed from the race?

Second question is regarding one of the Quick Chat options. In my opinion, “Sorry” should be removed. I find it redundant. Whenever I accidentally cause an 8-car pile-up on turn one, I simply utilize my horn and morse code this message (*** – – – --*-- --). I normally hear a lot of horn responses in return, so I assume my message was understood.

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