Questions for Forza Horizon 5

Hello Playground,

I hope you are happy and having a fun filled day. I do have some questions in regards to Forza Horizon 5 which I am beside myself with excitement. The apologies are all mine for too many questions.

  1. Will we be able to drive through other players during an online free roam? - like Forza horizon 4 does.

  2. Will the map be available in full at the start of the game or will we have to play the game to get the full map?

  3. Will there be a self drive auto cruise or a Cruise control feature?

  4. Will there be a treasure map add-on that you can buy to find everything on the map?

  5. Will there be a Forzathon challenge like event anymore?

6.Will the touring car/24 hours of Le Mans racers be back in Forza Horizon? As the last time they where in the games was Forza Horizon 3.

  1. How will this game play on xbox one, xbox one s or xbox one x?

  2. Does this game have Dolby Atmos and if so will it work on all xbox one and Xbox series, if you have Dolby Atmos enabled headphones?

  3. Will the city have the feeling of life in the game e.g - will there be pedestrians walking around and will it be crowded with other vehicles doing their thing?

  4. Will there be a race finish cut scene at the end with other racers in the background with a large group of spectators just like Forza horizon 3 has got?

  5. Can we refuse vehicles via the wheel spin if we do not own them before the wheel spin?

  6. Instead of selling our vehicles through the auction house. Could we have the option to sell them instead of removing them and getting nothing?

  7. What will the speed limit be for the player to take the convertible roof down and put the roof up again?

  8. Will the tire smoke be more realistic looking and have more of it. For example Using line lock in the FordMustang and lose visual of the the vehicle due to how much smoke is covering the vehicle or. During a burnout or the doughnut you have done and having a trail of smoke after you during a drift?

Sorry for so many but, I really want Forza games to be the best and have much more to Best legacy features and also bring brand-new features to the franchise.

  1. Most likely, but not confirmed.

  2. Confused by what you mean. Presumably, the entire map will be available at launch, but some areas will be inaccessible during certain seasons. You will also most certainly have to drive on every road in order to fast travel everywhere and still collect all of the fast travel boards to make the fast travel function free.

  3. No, and why would you want this? This is a racing game. That’s like having an FPS having a mode where it fires the weapon for you.

  4. Most likely, but not confirmed.

  5. Most likely, but not confirmed.

  6. Currently unknown.

  7. Currently unknown.

  8. I have no expertise in regards to this question.

  9. Most likely.

  10. Not confirmed, but if currently seen footage in the developer build is any indication, most likely.

  11. Not likely.

  12. Not likely.

  13. Currently unknown, but leaning more towards no speed limits required.

  14. Most likely based on promotional photos.