Questions and Corrections

Quick correction about this Galant:

That one isn’t in Forza, the one in Forza is a 6th Generation one:

With images:
6th Generation

7th Generation

The one in Forza:

Could the OSCA MT4 1500 Topic please be renamed to be a general “OSCA MT4 1948 - 1956” Topic as there’s lots of various models of which I show some in my Comment there.

New weekend, new list, this time, i decided to combine many of the smaller car manufacturers into one big list, main reason being that they’re usually small enough (in the amount of cars made, not in their influence) not to warrant a list of their own (especially Noble)


Type 57


Need race-car tag






Best moved to Car Customisation








1st Gen 9-3

2nd Gen 9-3

1st Gen 9-5

2nd Gen 9-5






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And here’s another two for merging, these are both 4th Gen Continentals produced from 1961 - 1969 like in the first topic.

The rest of the Lincoln Range currently is divided by Sub-Model instead of by Generation so I’m not sure if you’d like me to accumulate a list of those and group them with their corresponding Generation Years for you to remerge or just leave them as is.

Here’s another 3 for potential Merging, these are all various Pro-level Drift Cars so they could probably just go into a singular “Nissan Silvia S15 Pro Drift Spec” Topic.

These should be merged and also added to Holden as it was sold as a Holden Cruze in Australia

This should be given the Toyota Tag as well due to cars like the TRD Caviller

This should be called the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Volt

Here’s some more Topics for merging, I had a look at the Skylines for this one.

R31 Generation Variants

The Wagon wasn’t a seperate off-shoot at this point in time.

R34 Factory Models

The Z-Tune is a Performance Trim

R34 Aftermarket Models/Tuned Versions

These are all by Various Tuners who created their own R34-based Projects. Would make more sense to group them all up under 1 inclusive topic.

There is also Brian’s Car from the Fast and Furious movies but I’m not sure where that should go. I think it would be fair to lob it into the Aftermarket Topic though as it’s definitely not factory-spec.

And then for the R32 and R33 there’s a Mine’s Version of each which is another tuned car. I think it would be better to turn them into inclusive Tuned Variant Topics to represent other companies too.

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How many votes does a vehicle need to be legitimately considered?

While the team will never give out an exact number of votes for any car X to be considered, i’d say that 100- maximum 150 would be a good estimate for the minimum threshold for consideration, as that is in the low triple digits, something which would mark significant interest in a sea of 20s-30s

Which is why a few have started to stick information and images to cars available for voting. I myself enjoy very obscure cars and modern race cars so I excel in those if you couldn’t tell by my topic submissions :joy:. Trying to do better and more informative requests for ya Max :wink:

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These three should be merged:

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