Questions and Corrections

If you have Car Voting topic questions or corrections other than Car Topic submissions feel free to ask here. I’ll try to clarify as much as possible.

This is a Q&A thread. Opinions or suggestions about the Suggestions Hub should go in the Other / Forums Suggestions category.

Rather than extend the length of this topic with replies, you may see me edit your own posts with a response marked in red.

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Before you post, be sure you have read the Getting Started With Suggestions tips and guidance as well as the Car Voting Guidance and Index topic pinned in this category.

Heh Max….any way we can sort by letter in this section? I’d like to see the A’s first for example.

Edit: sorry Max….noticed you said “in progress”

Are we allowed to suggest purpose built race cars (Pikes Peak Escudo, as an example)? All of the threads to vote on are for road cars, so I would like to know if race cars are on the table or not

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We’re eager to provide race spec cars for voting as well.

We’re going to try race spec cars a different way and open threads for a particular class / era (so in this case maybe Hill Climb | 1990s) and then include polls within the post to identify most preferred models.

Please check back this time tomorrow to see those threads added.

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What difference is between this and the CarWishlists? the car wishlists become obsolete?

That’s correct, we’re now using individual threads for each model using the forums Voting function rather than transcribing one long thread of lists. Read through the Getting Started with Suggestions tips including the Navigation guidance for more info.

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Sorry if unrelated, is there a place for to suggest engine swaps?

[TTMM: see the Car Features categories under Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport and use the tag fh-Car-Upgades or fm-Car-Upgrades]

A nice addition to the “Car Voting” is put the car photo in the first topic, to all see what car it is, I needed search for every car on the list to see the model.

In progress: this will be a longer term goal. Users may add a reply to a car voting topic with a photo, particularly to highlight a specific version of the car (no endless photo strings please)


I’d be in favour of that as well, it’d make the process of seeing if you like a car much easier (Performance statistics would be neat as well, but not required)

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Yaris after 2020 has various versions i recommend the Forza Mod team to separate those versions
Toyota Yaris - Wikipedia

Also Some Dacia models has Renault Badge on them on Latin america, i sugest to put both names as Renaut/Dacia on same post, eg. Dacia Sandeiro / Renault Sandero

Still about Toyota, GR 86 has two Gen Cars, from 2012-2020 and 2021-Present
Same with Subaru BRZ

Also Toyota Corolla has a different version on Southeast Asia and Latin America known as Corolla Altis is not the same as the US Corolla

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A sugesstion
Do two different threads for debate and voting
One for era (for historic cars)
One for actual non-historic racing series (eg TCR Homologed Cars, GT3, GT4, Spec-Series)

Some people prefer racing series over age and others dont like modern cars and prefer more like Group B rally from 70s to 80s, so to avoid to threads get biased for a group or another, i think it is a better solution

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Fair i will check it soon

Also i had found those things to correct so far

  • Genesis G80 has two Gens (2016-2019) and (2020-Nowadays) but only Gen 1 is Listed)

  • To avoid a split on votes, Vauxhall and Opel cars should be unificated on a single list brand since they are pretty much the same brand since the late 2000s and some models are sold with same name but different brands (ag, Mokka, Astra and Corsa)

  • The new gens of Astra and Corsa are also Missing

  • Acura TLX has two Gens (2015-2020) and (2021-Nowadays) but only Gen 1 is Listed

  • New Gen of Toyota Crown is missing alongside the new gen Toyota Crown Sports Hatch, Crown Crossover and Crown Sedan that will be different models that will suceede the older Crown


In the Car Index List, There is a bit of confusion with the Toyota Mark II models.

The X80 Generation was the last generation sold as a Cressida, yet it’s the only model of Mark II that does not also say Cressida in the title.

Currently out of the 5 listed models of Mark II in the Car Index, only the X80 and X30 had Cressida versions.

I know these models are a bit confusing and it doesn’t really matter but I thought I would point something out to help.

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Please use Car Topic Submissions for missing models. This thread is for corrections to models already listed.

Ok, so asking to be sure, new gens must be reported to Car Topic Submissions?
Also about cars of same gen ,but with different names and models (eg Ford KA MKII had two different models 420 and 402 but on index is listed as one, likely 420) it should be reported there as well?

I’m still tweaking a lot of these car definitions, so it may become clearer as I go through that process.

When prepping model names I often quickly made a note of the most common variant of that model in the name. Eventually I’ll remove those from the topic names and indicate the variants of that generation in the topic body (with plans to provide polls for voting on preferred trim etc). So in some cases the intent is to be broad with the model title. If it’s arguable that there were two generations where I have one topic, note that here.

If a car model marked “-current” has ended that generation and been followed by a new generation, which is what you want to vote on, please put that in Car Topic Submissions.

I know there may be contradictory examples but please be patient as I go through thousands of requests to clear them up.

@T10ManteoMax I’ve a serious question. Do you even know what cars are already in the game? I’m asking because it doesn’t seems like you do!

Besides that. While I really appreciate the effort put into the car suggestions now the way they’re listed is nothing else than a clusterf…ield. Please find a way to list them in seperate clearly arranged (sub)categories like manufacturers or at least alphabetical.

/edit: Do you need help? I’m willing to assist you with that task if need be.

Fair, what you answered provided what i needed

My problem is that sometimes a gen of a car can have two or more different models (not trins but different models for different world regions) like if was the case with Ford KA MKII and actual gen of Toyota Yaris but i think you will fix it also anyways

If you want me to list those cases on Car Submissions too i can do it as well

I think the idea is this system be used to be used on all Forza games from now on, not just Horizon 5. i know that most of comunity is more focused on Horizon 5 nowadays but there is a Motorsport game coming soon