Question/Recommendations about the PR Stunts

After spending all day 3-Starring Speed Traps, Speed Zones, Danger Signs on Tarmac, I’m having difficulty doing the ones on Dirt Surfaces, especially on roads with corners and bumpy surfaces.
Which is the best car for this type of thing, I’ve tried the Ariel Nomad, which is good-ish but not perfect. Anyone has any recommendations? And since asking this anyway, what is the best Drift car to use for someone who is basically pretty bad at drifting?

Use the Toyota #1 Baja Trophy Truck tuned up to S1

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Thank you for the Recommendation, gonna try using that one next :smiley:

You need to make sure it’s AWD with 1400hp though.

I think I did all of the Danger Signs and Speed Traps with the Agera upgraded to X class with AWD and rally tires. I have yet to make a concentrated effort on Speed Zones. And Drift Zones can die in a fire.