Question about reward points and older Forza titles

Does anyone know if the reward points for the older Forzas - 2/3, are still being applied to the tier points for each category? Categories being, miles driven, gamer score, perfect passes and such. I know that the tokens and dlc categories won’t because the option to purchase such items are no longer available. I did notice that the achievements for Forza 3 that I unlocked are reflecting in the tabs under the points section …almost immediately actually.

I’ve been playing Forza 4 and those points are being added (when it actually decides to work that is). None of my points for Forza 5/6 are being added, seems to be a wide spread problem.

I tried searching the forum but nothing seems to be coming up.


When the system is working your FM2 and FM3 driving is contributing to your Forza totals. You won’t be able to purchase any DLC in FM2 but you still can in FM3 - I purchased a headset for my Xbox avatar a while ago and made up the FM3 Forza DLC points.

In the Forza Hub App, you can see for yourself what categories are contributing to your Tier progress. For Forza 2, only the Gamerscore (achievements) counts. Forza 3 has days played, driver level, miles driven, Cars owned, paid DLC owned and Gamerscore.