Question about "Love Notes" to Rivals you've beaten.

If I beat I beat a rival’s ghost and my time also bests other friends/clubmates that were ahead of me on the LB do those Firends and Clubmates also get, as Johniwanna calls them, “Love Notes”?

Just wondering how many enemies I’m making as I work my way up the LB’s. :slight_smile:

Your friends will receive a note in their messenger center that “Shaggy SoCal has beaten your time …”, or something along those lines.

Love letter* :wink:

I’m usually moving so fast that I only have time to write notes. :slight_smile:

I almost always chase my own ghost and never get a love letter from myself…well not in the game :wink:

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Umm… ok… … … yeah…

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen clubmates pass me up with no love note.

I have a feeling you only get those when a friend/clubmate challenges you directly. For that reason, I often work my way up the ladder carefully, so everyone gets a note. I’m like that.

Is it just me or did you just pull a David Lynch reference?