Queen Crest Vinyl Group development

Well, apparently about 57 layers for the left tail. The tail has a lot of surface area, so it’s pretty layer intensive. The rest of the outline should be easier. I’m concerned about the shaggy mane… I think that’s going to be an area that’ll bog down.

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Finished the out-lion. Lots of detail work left, especially the mane and the crown.


The face details make a BIG difference:

Still some more mane to do, and the crown.


Mane plus crown down:

Next up, the left fairy.


Left fairy done:

Next up, left branch.


Left branch:

Next up, flames above the crab.


Flames done:

Now just gotta have a phoenix. I’ll start with the tongue/head/neck details, and work my way outward. Hit just north of 1500 layers. I’m doubting the phoenix will push it to 2k, but we’ll see… there’s a lot of feather things towards the inside.


Phoenix head outlined:

Next up are the rest of the head/neck details. Then I’ll follow the wing inner contours up along the inside, then do that fluffy inner wing layer. At that point it’ll be successive layers of wings. I think the hardest parts will be there on the inside, whereas the outer wings look to have long relatively straight lines that shouldn’t take as many layers per given amount of space.


Head/neck details, plus wing inner contours:

It doesn’t look like a whole lot, but the curvy parts are hard. Straight lines tend to be easier. Next up is the fluffy inner wing layer.

I don’t always post every day, but I do tend to work on it at least a little bit every day. Unlike George RR Martin, I WILL finish this thing. Today I ended up splitting my time between this work and knocking out a 70ish layer vinyl group for my weekly livery.


Fluffy inner wing done:

Next up it’s just feathers all the way out. I’ll continue working my way outward, with there being more and more whitespace as I progress. Currently at 1.7k layers. I’m thinking I can end up below 2k, but it’s hard to tell until you actually get those shapes in.


First tier of feathers done:

I divided the feathers into 3 tiers. The 1st tier are the ones mostly connected to the fluffy section. 2nd tier are intermediate, and 3rd tier are the outer wings with the lines running down them. So at current pace, I’m hoping this will be wrapped up before next Thursday and it can be my weekly featured vinyl group. I THINK I’m on the down hill, and am hoping that either tier 1 or tier 2 of the wings will be the hardest. We’ll see.


Second tier done:

One more tier of feathers and it’ll be “rough draft”. Then I’ll go over it and look to clean up details.


Rough draft ? I admire your dedication to the art :slight_smile: I thought we were looking at an already fine nearly finished work. Well, carry on then, I definitely need to be looking for a worthy vehicle to adorn. If only the game had an AMC Pacer :wink:

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Just like in woodworking, the janky bits are usually in the transitions/joins. I’ll look it over and apply a little “putty” as needed (likely just a few extra curves and other layers to smooth things out).

The goal is for it to look good even if it’s blown up huge on a giant van. But yeah, for normal applications it’s probably already pretty good. Trying to make it worthy of being on Sir Brian May’s car (if he were ever to play)


So, rough draft is done:

I’ll take a step away from it, take a deep breath, and then reassess it. Biggest thing I’ll do is lay a giant contrasting color layer underneath the whole thing. That’ll help highlight gaps and janky transitions that might otherwise not show up well against the neutral background.

As I mentioned in the first post, this was all done with just one color and no layer masks, with the idea being that you’ll be able to go into the vinyl editor and change its color to whatever you want. And you can lay it over existing vinyls without giant chunks getting cut out by masking layers.

My original plan was to hold off on releasing this until next Thursday, but I figure anybody who has suffered through all these posts deserves early access to the vinyl group. So as soon as I get done cleaning it up and I’m satisfied with it, I’ll post the vinyl group share code on here. The “exclusive” for next week will be the livery (which will be for the trial car, the Nissan Skyline). Not sure when I’ll be done cleaning it up, but I’ll post the code once I’m done.


So here’s what it looked like with the contrast layer beneath it:

I was mostly looking at joins, and looking to make sure there weren’t gaps where I didn’t intend there to be gaps.

I managed to trim it down to just under 2000 layers. Once I got there… I realized it didn’t much matter. You have to be under 1k to fit on a front or rear bumper… and that isn’t gonna happen. But it gives more margin for there to be other layers on the car outside of this vinyl group, so that’s nice.

Share code is:
601 725 754

A preview of the color changing ability is below, where I applied it, then changed the color to bright yellow. (It’s also a preview of the trial car livery for next week):


Looks great BravoSteelviper ! I’ll be loading it up when I’m home again :slightly_smiling_face:

…now, what you got for an encore :grin: :wink:

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