Quantity or Quality

Perhaps this has already been discussed, and if so, feel free to delete, merge, or ignore as necessary.

Looking through the Track Voting threads it occurs to me that our current list of tracks suffers from too much quality; in that T10 are focused on their fully dynamic environmental cycles which while I’m sure are very cool, I suspect most players would just rather have more tracks to race rather than slightly different conditions on the same few circuits.

Granted simply dropping some very old tracks into the new game engine and not updating the graphics to at least look current isn’t acceptable. But I would be completely okay if we only had a few locations that allowed for the fully dynamic environments and a much wider variety of locations that perhaps did not offer every type of condition - some tracks don’t offer rain but can still have night-time, others are limited to day/night only, etc.

There are so many excellent track suggestions that would be amazing to have included. And I think a majority of players would be okay if those locations were slightly more limited if only to increase variety.

I’m all for less quantity if things like day/night cycle are implemented for the improved racing variability, and not just for the sales pitch and graphical wow factor.

Day night cycle means we could have races that transition from afternoon, into evening, and all the temperature changes and reduced traction etc that come with that. It’s also really interesting dealing with sun sets etc.

So if it’s less tracks for the right reasons, I’m supportive of the approach.

Anyone know if all the tracks will be laser scanned this time? Another good reason for quality over quantity imo.

If the only way they could include highly requested circuits like Tsukuba is to have conditions set at a constant, I would much rather have more tracks than have fewer but the lighting changes a bit.

I’m playing the game to drive cars at tracks I enjoy, not watch the scenery.

I do quite like the scenery and the backdrop actually. And that’s one good advantage to having more tracks.

I’m uncomfortable with the dichotomy of quantity versus quality and prefer the choice of quantity versus precision. I’m not asking them to produce a work of less quality. That’s just taunting karma. :upside_down_face:

If having more tracks means that you have to give up on a proportionate amount of precision, then, yeah, just do that.

I’m not suggesting they just grab their ancient digital assets for Fujimi or Tsukuba or Tokyo and just drop them into the next game without making them at least look the part.

Only that if the reason for fewer tracks is that they are making the decision that every circuit must have their full dynamic environmental cycle, I would prefer to have more tracks in total even if that means losing changing conditions for a few.

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