Quality of life improvements for old gen, open world and garage

Once you complete a PR stunt such as a drift zone, speed trap/zone and danger sign, the HUD will show your attempt for about 3 seconds, and then it’ll show your best attempt and your position on the leaderboard.

This is being quite annoying… The fact that I often don’t have enough time to memorize the time to save it on my notes as I usually do when I test things… But the thing is that I don’t understand why the game prioritize your best attempt instead of telling you your current attempt…

A fix for it, would either be a change of the temporary notification that tells you the stuff you need to know once you complete a PR stunt, or, the game could show you your last 10 attempts once you open the leaderboard, maybe with small text on one side of the leaderboard, that would tell you the score with the name of the car.

Let me put names on cars to nake them easier to recognize while being on the car selection menu.

This would be useful for people who owns multiple identical cars with different tunes for some reason. My reason is that it’s too tedious and time consuming to just change a tune everytime I get in a car with many different tunes, since I have about 6 or so Nissan Silvia and Rx7, all with different tunes, but now, the only thing I have to recognize them is either the color, rims and body parts. A custom name of about 10 characters or more (that would maybe show up once you press the ‘toggle stats’ button, or that will show up instead of the car name between " after pressing the ‘toggle stats’ button.

On the “tune car” menu, let us adjust the maximum amount for how much the steering wheel is going to turn when we steer.

I think the steering works in a way that let you steer less when you reach certain speeds.

With that said, maybe we could choose the maximum amount of steering for each speed.

I know that the game won’t allow you to steer more simply because the car would lose grip, or maybe it’s a way to “nerf” cars from steering too much since high grip cars could just abuse it, and this is just a way for them to keep their turning radius realistic and controllable by limiting the steering radius.

But we should be able to reduce or increase the steering radius. Reducing it for racing and increasing it for rally, drift or stunt cars, if the forza engine will allow it at least.

Let us filter rims for :



Size (kinda like gran turismo, but still capable of increasing/reducing the rims size, while knowing and applying the rim in one of it’s standard sizes)

Style (track, offroad, luxury, drag etc.)

Mouse and keyboard support for consoles, allowing us for a better experience in maybe the event lab or livery editor, or maybe just for scrolling through stuff in the menu and navigating through the game menus much faster (but it might be a console limitations)

More filters for the garage that don’t get removed once you exit it, such as :

Tuned cars





(That would also [I think…] reduce the time it takes to load the garage on old gen consoles)

Saving on old gen takes a lot of time.

Putting a cart that doesn’t require saving would be faster, but we wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of the car while upgrading it.

Maybe we will be unable to see the car at all, and it would work as a performance mode for old gen or low budget PCs, where we only select upgrades from a menu while seeing all the necessary information, such as :

Car statistics - Power, Torque, weight and weight balance, G Force, Downforce, Drag coefficient.

HP/Torque Graph

Also… Please move the Paint Editor in the upgrade section… It just waste time to save a color change where it could just save it all at once in the upgrade menu.