QRM Dream car 'gift'-auctioning!

any base-game car you need/want in your chosen tune & livery. I build it and will auction as cheap-as-possible for ya [:black_heart: :dizzy: :alien: :boom:

GT: Qi Rae Mau 'accepting requests via PM
I will do this as long as the 600$cr hold out 'LOL

cheers *

Not that I’m interested, but what are you going to do if some auction sniper buys it, which is very likely?

yeah, i think some pm convo is required for anyone to put this into action; which no one has… no problem. but, if there’s a 20 M cr car anyone wants i can flip those stock too (what else do you do with 500 M+ bank?!?)… meanwhile i stockpile gmc trucks lol
basically, i’m out here in space just offering helps in any sort :alien: :black_heart: :yin_yang: :wheel_of_dharma: :black_flag:

Stock Toyota Sprinter Trueno would be my dream car.

I would like Nio EP9 with no tune and china flag livery. That would be my dream car in the game.