Q60 not available to download

I’ve got all of the other cars from todays update, except that free for everyone Q60. It’s in my marketplace but when i click on it it says something along marketplace data failed to load, so i can’t use the car. I am in the preview program, using the new dashboard as well, idk if that has anything to do with it. Any input would be great!

Not in the preview, no new dashboard, no issues downloading the Q60.

In the preview, got the dashboard (for my sins), had to purchase the car for $0.00 earlier today.

Edit: purchase initiated in-game FWIW

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I bought it using smart glass no problem

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Yepp, finally decided to look for it on there and found it! Thanks for the help guys!

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I’ve yet to see the Q60 available for me since the update despite several reboots, etc. Not a Smartglass user, can someone point me where to look in the app?