Purchased a Thrustmaster F458 Italia Edition racing wheel + Wheel Stand Pro V2

Nice little b’day present for myself for this Saturday. The Thrustmaster will arrive on Saturday but the Wheel Stand Pro will arrive probably sometime next week.

Here’s the link to the goods (manufacturer links)



For a ‘racing chair’ I already have a pretty cheap Ikea chair in the lounge which should be perfect for the purpose:

The view/opinion seems to be split on the Thrustmaster with some complaining of the item failing whilst others say it’s rock solid. However, those who complain of failure also advise that Thrustmaster have been good with returns/replacement. So I decided to take the punt.

Obviously, at the moment I use the Xbox One controller, but I just want that extra driving experience. I play Forza Horizon 2 on 55" Samsung LED TV so I look forward to being up close and racing with the wheel and pedals. Obviously, I’m aware that it’ll take time to get used to playing the game with a wheel and pedals but I hope my 22 years of real driving experience will help…a little…LOL

For those with a wheel and pedals etc. what’s your best driving view? Currently I race in what I think is called 3rd person view which is looking at the entire car. The view really helps on cross country stuff as the in car view and others makes cross country that more difficult.

Anyway, look forward to your comments.

For both FM5 and FH2 I use cockpit view exclusively - mainly because that’s how I’ve been driving a car for the last 24 years :slight_smile:

Having never been much of a video gamer before Forza 4, my brain doesn’t comprehend ‘driving’ a car from the front bumper, or on a parasail six feet behind the car …


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For FM5, I mainly use hood view as I feel I get the best perspective of the track that way. Sometimes I’ll switch far chase cam which is essentially 3rd person, but only for MP. It just gives a better view of my surroundings and any racers that may be on the outside and inside of me because with the wheel, there is no way of looking left or right. You can set up the controls to where the d pad shows left and right I think, but then you lose some other controls. Can’t remember. But anyway, enjoy the wheel. I have the 458 Spider which is the non FFB wheel and love playing with the wheel. Biggest advice I can tell you is be patient getting used to the wheel. You’re going to be slower right off the bat, but the more you play, the better you’ll get and start to mimic your times with a controller and may even become faster. Have fun!

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Thanks for the replies chaps. I look forward to it all arriving :grinning:

Well, the wheel arrived today. After updating the firmware to the latest version, which is apparently optimised for Xbox One, I’ve been having a good blast. I have opted for cockpit view as that’s the only view which feels ‘right’. I’m up close to the TV to the point where the real wheel covers over the wheel in the game meaning all I see is the dials, pretty cool.

Yes, it’s going to take a while to get used to the wheel, but the positives are already showing especially with cornering. The force feedback really makes a huge difference too as you can feel when the car is about to lose traction.

Am also learning left foot breaking too which again is paying off on some of the championships I’ve done and I play against the ‘unbeatable’ drivatars too.

Still a lot to learn and nothing but practice and more practice. But all in all, the game ‘feels’ so much better with the wheel - seem much more immersed.

Going to stay in career mode for a while before venturing out online.

I have had the tx and the wheel stand pro for a few months, I would recommend finding a chair that has no arm rests. I like to drift and they just get in the way when trying to whip the wheel around.

I just bought the TX brand new but do I need to do an update,even thou its new

Latest firmware is V49