Puddles should be physics based if there 3D

am i the only one that thinks the puddles are an utter joke, surly that when the first car drives through the water it should spread the water allowing for the cars to run through it with less depth??

im saying either fix them or make them physics based, or remove them cause atm there the only thing that make the game utter crap

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Making the puddles physics-based isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have yet to see a racing game with dynamic, physics-based puddles.

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I like the game

The puddles are nothing more than a gimmick. The rest of the wet surfaces are really easy but then you come to a puddle and it’s totally stupid. How you’re meant to have good racing when those puddles take anyone and everyone as passengers is beyond me.


Puddles slow you down… Do you want a simulation game, or an arcade game? Because Forza is simulation. The fact the puddles don’t disperse when another car drives through it is simply because it would be way too CPU and GPU heavy for that to happen. The puddles would have to consist of individual droplets, and that’s almost impossible. It is impossible on the Xbox One.

We can’t have everything, unfortunately. And the puddles in no way make the game “utter [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]”. The game is fantastic and the puddles work properly in one way, if not another.


In the real world, if the track had puddles like in the game, then the race would be called off. You mention “simulation”. Isn’t the point then to “simulate” the real world?

yea mate totally agree :confused:

Mate I swear I remember you from ages ago by the way, could it have been ARL?

Any decent racing league won’t run in wet conditions purely for the puddles. They’ve pretty much killed off the hardcore/sim/real racing fans by having untenable racing, and small forgotten/omitted things. Now we know Forza’s target audience I think it’s time for me to retire here and find a new hobby.

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I’m not at the retiring point, but I agree completely.

Before they add cute stuff, keep the racing intact and stop taking away features people come to expect/enjoy.

Forza 7 should have physic-based livestock on the track…you never know when a cow might wander on track. It could happen…


I definitely understand your issue mate but I have no idea how hard physically displacing the puddles would be.

I personally love the puddles though. They’re an option as you can always race in the dry and it’s an option I enjoy.

I also feel they have nailed the feeling of driving through a puddle. Being from Scotland I have too much experience of this. Lol. That tug at the wheel is perfect.

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I totally agree given i’m from that part of the world too. Spot on!!

At least some ripple effect like this would be nice and it wouldn’t even need to be physics based:

Skip to 0:35 for example.

The puddles are about as realistic as they could be, especially given the limited power of the consoles.

Have you ever hit a 2 inch puddle at high speed with wide tyres? It’s scary when you hit one like this equally with both side wheels equally. Hit one just with one side and you’re ass will be trying to grab hold of the seat and hold on for dear life.

As for making the game ***, I disagree. The night racing and weather are good implementations of what we’ve been asking for for years

No matter what T10 do people are going to have complaints, moaners are going to moan as it were, personally I love the weather and puddles I find they are a great addition to the game. At the end of the day it’s a “game” based on simulation it’s not real life it’s a main stream driving game.

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I’m no programmer, but I would imagine the amount of cpu overhead for this would be massive.

Whats the old saying “you can make some of the people happy some of the time but you cant make all of the people happy all of the time”… Its a great game,stop nit picking about freaking puddles should be splashing and moving… Im glad I was born before atari came out because I can appreciate what is being done now and how fast its gotten to this point graphically… Geeze man,be happy with what you got.

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