PTG Triple HLC

Tack 1 - Watkins Glen Full.
Car Division - GT Racing Reborn
Build limit - Homologated

Track 2 - Nordschliefe
Car Division - Sport Touring
Build Limit - A700

Track 3 - Rio Mountain
Car Division - Sport Compact Icons
Build Limit - Homologated

This HLC is a cumulative challenge - the best TOTAL time wins. Tracks can be run in any order up to the deadline. Ideally times should be available on tbe leaderboards. Deadline is: Midnight (UK) 7th August 2022

Times can be submitted on the thread with Screenshots

PTG Ducky
Watkins Glen: 1:47.724
Nordshliefe: 7:27.637
Rio Mountain: 45.453

Good Luck and may the best times win.

Prizes: Bragging rights


I’ll have to set the wheel back up and give this a go. Mind you, I’ll be slow as snot; been forever since I did more than tootle around for a couple laps and then put the game away again. Been trying to get my real-world cars up and running correctly, so haven’t had much time for games.

Alright, all my initial times are up on the relevant Rivals leaderboards. Probably won’t get another run at it, but was fun to get back in the saddle for a minute or two.

Watkins Glen: 1:51.354
Nordshliefe: 7:50.125
Rio Mountain: 0:48.532

Current (and probably final) Total: 10:30.011

And some pics of the cars:

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Thanks for the entry dude think this will be concluding soon.