PTG Presents: Gears of War Livery Contest!

Oh man, please do! I’d love to see your work in this comp!

Very late entry here, had a really busy week so a bit pushed for time but just managed to get it to where I’m happy…

Car: 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid
File: Gears of War T6


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:grin:, hi everyone, for my participation.
-Car: chevrolet silverado
-GamerTag: Molotofdecos

Good luck to everyone !!!

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Nice one!

It’s about time for everyone to post their entries (I do hope some are coming!), we’re nearly at deadline!

thank you, yes the date is approaching, I hope there will be participation, I did what I could, can be a little too much, I tried must be good, and c like that we go ahead and try to improve !!

Hello the artists,

Ford F-150 Deberti Design '18 Gears Of War Contest PTG 2019, in my showcase: RTT Farfadet
Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

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Oh wow man, that’s awesome!

Some nice designs in here! I don’t know anything about the game so I didn’t know what to draw.

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Hey everyone!

The contest is now officially closed for voting!

All entries can be seen in this post on first page.

Judges will proceed with their rulings now, results will be announced before the end of the week.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your great job!

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I was actually wondering if you’re going to join. Should have pinged me on Discord, there’s some stunning art around Gears that actually fits your style.

Next time, next game, next comp :wink:

Yeah, google would’ve definitely been your friend Aqua, even though I’ve played all the previous Gears I didn’t know anything about the new one so had to do a lot of searching. Nice graphic by the way Quadro, think I’ll pinch that if you don’t mind? :wink:

I looked on Google, but I didn’t know if I was drawing good people or bad people, and I didn’t know if they were popular characters or unpopular characters.

By all means, please do :slight_smile:

BEHOLD ladies and gentlemen! Fellow Gearheads and Forza painters!
After long and heated discussion, the jury is ready to announce the verdict!
The fight was fierce but there can only be one winner!

Winners, please DM me here or on PTG Discord regarding details of your prizes collection!

Blimey!!! :hushed::grin:

I’m sure that’s the first time I’ve ever won a community run design competition since I started painting in FM2 - thank you so much!!!

Congrats to the other podium places and also props to everyone who entered. It takes some bottle to put your work out there to be scrutinised and also helps keep the Forza community going. On that note, I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to Quadro and everyone at Pendulum Tuning who had a part in organising this as well as the support from T10 :+1:t5:

PM is on the way Quadro (and I’m definitely pinching that graphic, LoL!) many thanks again guys - I’m chuffed to bits!!! :champagne::tada::trophy::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::grin: