PTG Greeksniper's Tuning House

Hi Tuner’s Garage,

A lot of you may know me already but I thought I will give you some more information about myself. My name is Manny, but I am better known online by my gamertag which is “PTG Greeksniper”.

I have been playing the forza franchise since the end of Forza 1. I’ve always been very competitive when it comes to any racing car games, from the Gran Turismo series to Asseto Corsa, rFactor, iRacing and more recently Project Cars.

I have also been a member of many different teams over the years and most of them involved the fastest drivers to ever play Forza. I started off in PpR in Forza 1 & 2, Forza 3 & 4 I moved over to AMG and then EMW (I was the original Team Leader & Founder) then R2P. In Forza 5 i joined the best team out of all of them which is this team PTG :). The reason they are the best for me has nothing to do with speed or being the fastest leaderboard team. Its the amazing community we have here and the members are always willing to help each other out and we have a good mix of racers, tuners, painter, drifters and combined we are the best of the best.

A bit of Forza history, back in Forza 2 the one year anniversary Turn 10 decided to award trophies out to the best of the best in each discipline. I was voted by Turn 10 as the worlds fastest driver in Forza which I felt was a huge achievement considering how many people use to play Forza 2. Prize money I have won over $20,000 and $1000’s of prizes as well. Still undefeated in all live competitions as well over the past 10 years.

I am starting to feel like I have got my head around tuning finally been tuning since the end of Forza 6 & now into Forza 7. So I have started this thread called “PTG Greeksniper Tuning House” where I will share all my tunes with the community. I mainly tune for Leagues (Division Tunes) & Breakout Hoppers (Tuned By Class). I will be sharing all my tunes in here as well as building tune requests from this community.

A bit about how I build and tune cars. I have 3 different track layouts I use to create tunes, and depending on what type of car I am trying to build, Full Grip, All Round, Full Speed:

Full Grip Tunes - Lime Rock Full
Full Speed Tunes - Monza Short
All Round Tunes - Silverstone Grand Prix

All cars & tunes I post up in this thread will be accompanied by the laptimes & leaderboard positions I am able to get. I play Forza using an Xbox controller, run with no assists & manual with clutch.

I will be posting all my tunes I share online in this thread so keep a lookout on this thread to see when new tunes have been shared. Looking forward to any feedback good or bad. Many thanks.

Please check Post #2 for updates on shared tunes & lap times.



Welcome Greeksniper! Glad to have you back on the forum and getting in place your Garage. Looking forward to testing/racing some great tunes.

Oh, btw, thanks for the support over at the HLR HLCs…much appreciate your participation. Thanks!



Check your Private Messages.

Responded thanks