Proximity Radar HUD [FM]

I also have a suggestion for arrows: show the distance on the arrows as well ( by meter)

In addition to an in-game proximity radar, I believe all opponent coordinate data should be accessible via UDP Data Out (currently it only provides player and track data)

That way players with custom dashboards or overlays can create bigger or more advanced radars than what the game provides.


There is some data available in the game.
There are sounds for blind people. There are sounds for braking, steering & where the opponents are, if they’re near. I drove online with a blind player. It seems to work.
Maybe the data for those sounds can be used for a radar with UDP apps.

I’ve found that the arrows now glitch. I don’t understand as there was never a technical problem with them before, but now I find that sometimes they stay on screen frozen as I lap, showing a direction when there are NO Cars around me.

My 2 Cents to this topic.

I hate those arrows so I don’t use them, most of my battles online are clean but I want a radar like ACC can’t be that hard to implement.


I’d like to see this added to the game

It’s been 5 months since release and looks like turn 10 dont give a sh*t about improving or adding something, that players asking for.

Hopefully this is something Turn 10 are considering, it would be a good quality of life improvement.

Ideally needs to be replicated in UDP (the way to do this is to provide opponent coordinate data for all cars, similar how how it currently does for player), and also ideally needs to be placed top centre of HUD, just under where the rear view mirror goes. That way players with dashboards on their wheels are not blocking the element from view.

it would be the best alternative for sure

True. Sometimes the arrow just becomes stuck, making you feel like you’ve been chased by a car that’s relatively stationary with you. But then you realize that there’s no one there.
The arrow is broken.

Pls consider the radar for next update or let third party apps like simhub do the job.


Why not both? But definitely surface the necessary data via UDP at minimum.


I’m very happy that they improved the arrows a little and that they are now activated by default in multiplayer mode, but I would still like a radar, something ACC style, seeing the cars on the radar gives me more confidence to be able to drive.


We need more votes :ballot_box:


we desperatley need a radar. Especially for wheel users. In cockpit cam you can’t really see anything when players are all over the place.

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This feature was added to Forza Motorsport in July 2024 with Update 10:

A new Proximity Radar helps identify cars in your blind spots, making it easier to avoid unintentional collisions and keep the racing clean, especially when using cockpit, hood, or bumper cameras. Enable and adjust options for Car Proximity Radar in Settings under Gameplay & HUD, where you can also choose which HUD location works best for you.

This topic reached 602 votes, the #1 most requested Motorsport Feature in the Suggestions Hub. If you have additional suggestions about the new Proximity Radar please create a new topic.

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