ProTips :) If you like to be Super FAST


Keep a mind, input lag. It is super hard to be super fast, if gaming with HDTV, input lag is always 39-150ms, some hdtv is better some worst.
Very low input lag ex. 1ms you can decrease back wing and other stuff, because car control is easier.
I use game monitor , 1ms input lag. Ten times easier drive hard and fast.
Seconds: Turn all dead zone off. And all assist off.

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If it makes you feel better to think that a gaming monitor will make you faster. I have seen plenty of guys put up some really good times on like 20" tv’s so I dont know that its necessary. Will it help? It may help for consistency, but i dont think it will make you outright faster. There is also input lag on the controller, are you using wired or wireless? Theres far too many variables to say that this will undoubtedly make you faster, go spend $150+ dollars and buy a new monitor…unless you work for ben-q or acer

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I agree, i play with a 4k 65" curve i hope that makes me super fast!!!…

There’s probably a very small percentage of people who can notice the difference in input lag :stuck_out_tongue:

As for this subject I think the top guys on the leaderboards have debunked this thread already.

You want to be Faster,…Practice , Practice, Practice, Focus, Focus, Focus.


I also recommend not drinking vast amounts of alcohol… Can’t believe I actually just said that :slight_smile:


I play on a 55" with a Thrustmaster (OMG BEST NAME EVER) $100 wheel, and one hand. Fast is a moving target.

I used to play on a 24" 5ms monitor that I shared with my PC. It looked really good to me.
I finally broke down and bought the cheapest 1080p@60hz 32" TV I could lay hands on just for the XbOne and have bested more than a few personal records on the Leaderboard using it. It also looks really good to me.

I attribute the wins to… practice! True story bro!

A smaller screen makes a difference in FPS games, racing games not so much imo.


Yep it’s true, smaller tv’s for fps like call of Duty make a huge difference. I used to play on a 22 inch when all I did was play cod. I think that what all the pros play on too. (Correction it’s actually 24) But for forza, not so much. I play on a 55 inch and still run times as fast as anyone else. Only thing a smaller tv does is make your reactions quicker. It allows you to not have to move your eyes all over the screen constantly. But the thing is, with cod this is very important. You have to spot enemies and they could be anywhere on your TV screen, also you have constantly check back and forth with the mini map. Smaller tvs speed up your reactions in this sense because you don’t have move your eyes all the way across the screen to see something. With forza or any other racing game you’re only focusing on the road that’s directly in front of you. You don’t have move your eyes around constantly and look for enimies(cars in this case) which is why TV size literally makes no difference for racing games.

Also if you really don’t want to have any input lag just get a wired controller. I don’t notice anything but some people say that makes a difference.

hi, nice comments. Yes I use wired controller and wheel. I think my tuning style is the reason why lag feel bad. I tuned all car very back slippery, and maximal turning. If tuned too match handling, lag not affect much, but more handling == slower.

Not so. I have beat many on Laguna with a good handling tune. Depends on the track.

For all those people out there trying to figure out how you can be faster, I would recommend using your brakes. I know it’s counterintuitive but it actually works.


Brakes are heavy, I remove mine.

You’re also confusing input lag with response time. Even with the best gaming monitors I’ve seen, 10ms is the fastest input lag tested.

When you mention 1ms, you’re referring to response time. Which is good for eliminating ghosting.

Most people won’t even notice input lag under 30 ms. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with it unless you’re playing fps’s competitively.

True story. I use the same BenQ 24inch monitor that MLG was using just a couple of years ago for gaming tournaments, it has a 1ms gray to gray response time and 60Hz refresh rate; but the input lag is sitting precisely at 10ms.

I hit my first #1 (and multiple after) back in FM3 with an 8 inch mini DVD player without HDMI input or component, just the regular red yellow and white cables. A screen is no replacement for practice or skill.

You can’t turn deadzones off but adjusting them may or may not help you. It tends to be preference or the case of being all in your head.

Turning assists off will mostly help you with some being optional such as TCS/sim steering/brake line. TCS is mostly dependent on car/how good your throttle control is.

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I also recommend not using an AWD car. They all handle like dumptrucks despite the higher PI

Free discussion can be continue, I leave :slight_smile: