Project T

Competing in:

Forza Drift Battles:!amature-drift-battle-sign-ups---schedule/za62f
TBA - Amature
TBA - Pro-Am
TBA - Pro

Forza drift championship:
Oct 2/3 - Indy GP
Driftin Snorlax: 2nd (originally 4th, but top 2 dropped out to judge)
Hackerz: 8th

Driftin Snorlax:
Oct 10 - Sonoma Section
Driftin Snorlax: 1st
Hackerz: 4th
Yakuza: 8th

Driftin Snorlax: 6th
Hackerz: 10th
Yakuza: 9th

virtual drift championship:!
Oct 14-17 - Daytona Infield

We will be actively entering tournaments and battling each other daily. The goal of this team is to bring together 4 dedicated drifters that understand the art of tandem.
We on that samurai accuracy, post your gt or message me to slide, we will be going thru sections and focusing on door to door action.

Not looking for beginners, if you want to be in Project T, you need consistency.

Team burst style with that Keiske dedication, never turn down a challenge like Takumi. Who else on their Initial D grind?

Still looking for 2 more warriors. 10/12/2015

Project T
Shakotan Shogun: Driftin Snorlax

Samurai 1: Yakuza Ansatsu / ThunderTwonk

Samurai 2: Hackerz HD

Samurai 3: (tba)

Samurai 4: (tba)

Inspired by: Initial D

Yakuza Ansatsu


I been drifting since forza1 we need to get all the og drifters back n tandem

Hey I’d love to get drifting again on forza 4 use to be in top 100 on fujimi, I do all my own tunes my gtag is same as username so drop me a message or something :slight_smile:

We samurais

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Still looking for people that can slide well and compete. hit me up.

Slide America Presents: The Bi-Monthly Challenge. First competition is Wednesday. Look for the thread tomorrow. I used to run comps back in FM1. I owned/still run Slide America.


Still searching for 3 more samurais to slice up these roads with.
Hit me up or post a reply!

Bigslim III

Still looking for two more warriors.
First comp is Oct. 2/3rd. Msg me or reply to slide.

Bump, Round 2 went well @ FDC.
Post here or message me, still looking for two more samurais looking to tandem. Lets battle