Prodrive P25 2022

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Prodrive P25 Subaru Impreza (22.5B )

2022 Subaru Prodrive P25 ( 22.5B )

One of the most beloved Japanese performance cars and one of the coolest Japanese racing cars, is the two-door Subaru Impreza, which spawned the 22B homologation special in 1997. Today, the originals sell for around £100,000 and are bonafide showstoppers. Prodrive fully aware of and in fact, instrumental in, that titanic status, have decided to celebrate it, with a resto-mod it says is a 22B for the 2020s. This is the Prodrive P25, getting its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.


Prodrive p25 scooby.

Would it be a topic of its own or a variant of the 97 Impreza?


Prodrive P25