Prodrive P2 concept 2006-2006

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It’s a shame these never went into production. Might as well let us have fun in a game. Lots of potential with that short wheelbase, lack of weight and rally tech.

Could be a good midnight battle “boss” car.


In that case, hopefully one still exists. Unlike some concepts that went into museums and collections, this one flat out disappeared not long after it was shown on Top Gear.

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I didn’t know that.

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Yeah, it’s appearance on Top Gear was its only televised/filmed appearance as far I can research. Best case scenario, Prodrive may still have it in their custody. Worst case scenario, it may have become a mule for another project and/or has been scrapped. Still, the Baja Boneshaker in the Hot Wheels expansion was created from the ground up, so old-fashioned car model creation is not out of the question, but again, the P2 had such a small presence in the media and no toys of it were ever made, so there is not a whole lot to reference for a one-to-one recreation.

Ah, as of 2019 at least (according to an article) it was still in their workshop, which is encouraging.