Problems with perspective in race. Please fix turn10.

Dear experts.

I wanna Play fm5 again before fm6 is released. I hasnt play it for a while and now i have problems in racing. The perspective goes with the corrner and is never straight to front. When i take a corner (left paddel), for example left Corner, the perspective goes also left so it is like i watch to the left side (right paddel). And when i drive straight the perspective is to left/front and Not only to Front. So it is imossible to drive corners clean.

Please Turn10 fix that issue so that i can play the game… maybe its a Problem with newer controller firmware?

Thanks and regards.

That sounds like a controller issue not t10.

Yep, maybe try changing your deadzone settings in game. If that doesn’t work it sounds like your controller isn’t centering properly. So do a firmware update, whether it needs one or not, then see if that helps. Otherwise the controller is faulty.

There won’t be any fixes in FM5, FM6 is where its at now :slight_smile:

Also, there is a trick you can try with an air duster.
You take the controller shell off and blow into the cube the stick goes into. Move the stick while doing it to dislodge any hair or fluff stopping the controller centering. It can work, it’s just fiddly.
SAFETY NOTICE: Most air dusters use very flammable gas, so no naked flames or other sources of ignition while doing this, and keep your batteries out of the way.

You may also be forcing your controller to not center properly on accident. Make sure that when you launch the game and things are loading you aren’t pushing on the thumbstick. I’m not sure if it’s still the case but on Xbox 360 games when they were loading, they would register whatever position the thumbstick was in at the time as center. This means that if you sat there and held it to the left while the game loaded the first time, the game would think that is center and when you centered it it thought that was right. Means you couldn’t go left…