Problems Creating Routes

I am having problems with creating routes. I have been trying to create the max length (40 miles) for point to point races yet each time I get anywhere between 15/20 miles my car just stops and goes into reverse wasting all the time I spend trying to make the races. I don’t have rewind on so it can’t be that. I have tried using 3 different controllers and it’s not them. This does not happen in free roam or racing just the route editor. The car will be doing it’s normal thing then just slowly grind to a halt, stop then reverse. I’m getting very annoyed as I can’t find a solution to this weird problem. Any advice would be very helpful.

never did a long route like that, I stopped creating routes when I saw the AI is very very very slow on custom routes even on unbeatable…

just share the event number maybe somebody will try it out if happen the same