Problem with weekly challenge M-B Truck!

Hi all,

I have some problems with the weekly challenge chapter 2. I won my races with the Mercedes Benz Truck but I cannot finish the second chapter.
It doesnt count the races. Can anybody help me? I used the filter for road race events. Did I do something wrong?

Thanks for help.

Yes, you read it wrong it’s Street Races, not Road Races.

There’s an error in the wording of Chapter three it’s telling you to get three stars in total from speed traps but, it’s coded for three stars on one, speed trap. If you have the Lego map go do the Lighthouse speed trap three stars on it is only 100 mph.


That helped a lot, thanks.

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This is wrong and the Challenge is glitched. I completed Chapter 3 “Engineered to Move” by completing three different Speed Traps, as per the wording “achieving 3 stars in total from Speed Traps”, at 1 or 2 stars for each and it was shown as completed in the game. I then started on Chapter 4 “Snowman” and got 4 or 5 trading paint hits (acknowledged within the Challenge section of the game) but came across a race I wanted to do so switched out of the truck. Went back to complete the challenge and Chapter 3 was no longer completed (nor the partial C4 completion). I’ve now tried (successfully) to complete a 3 star speed trap in the truck but nothing will register. 500kCR blown on the truck and the time. Shan’t bother with these glitched Challenges anymore.

Dude, thanks so much. That info was super helpful!

Thank you very much!! :+1:
I thought I’d never be getting that damned impala :joy:


Street race and road race ist for me the same. Can you pls give me a name of an Event where ist working? I tried all.

Thanks for helping

Any three Street Races should give you the wins you need. Street Races are the races where you race at night, there are traffic cars on, and the checkpoints are red smoke flairs, not the normal yellow flags. If that doesn’t make it clear to you I don’t know anything else to tell you.

Your welcome, happy to help, I saw someone in another post talking about the error in chapter three.

I did over 50% of the speed traps on the main map, three of the speed traps on the Lego map, and a couple of them on the F. Island map so, I got way over three stars in total but, I didn’t get credit for chapter three. I took a break and turned the game off for an hour or two then tried for chapter three again and didn’t get credit till I got three stars on the Lighthouse speed trap on the Lego map which was the first one I tried when I turned the game back on. As far as chapter four goes I had no issues with it, I got it done in under five minutes on the motorway on the main map. Therefore what I said was not wrong as far as I can tell.