Problem with steering mid/exit of a corner when accelerating

Basically I’m having this issue where, whether i’m mid or as i’m exiting a corner, my car will be turning as it should but then suddenly i’ll see the wheels straighten up for no apparent reason causing me to lose control on the corner. This issue only seems to happen on tight corners and as i’m accelerating through the corner. I could be flying through the countryside and have no problem at all. Is this a tuning error or a game problem? I can’t find many people with this same issue so i don’t know where to find a solution. And this seems to happen most up at the drifting section just down the road from the festival. Thanks

Do you happen to have auto steering on in assists

Got “Normal” or “Assisted” steering on?

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No i don’t. Sorry for forgetting to put that in the post. My steering is simulation, traction control is off and stability control is off