Problem with starting using manual / clutch

I use the R5 Turbo tuned for A-Class (Raceboy´s tuning) and I use manual with clutch. when racing online the car don´t start, it feels like I´ve stalled the engine. I got to hit the clutch but that costs a lot of time… it´s only with this car.
does anybody know whats wrong ?

The car is a hotels car. First gear is likely setup very long because in hotlapping how you start doesn’t matter. Allows the rest of the gears to be optimized for the track. Does this happen even when you start at full throttle?

…yes, even with full throttle.
It´s a closed tune so I cant´t see whats the adjustments, but what you´ve said may be the reason.

You should probably look into tuning it up yourself.

Some people just arent good at tuning and/or dont have time to sit down and tune. It sounds like it is just a long first gear which will do that but i wouldnt worry to much about it. What that car lacks on the launch it will certainly make up for it thru out the race. Also look at it like this. With a bad launch you avoid the first turn demolition derby.

Both android and iPhone have a tuning calc app. FM5 tuning calculator, it’s like .99 US and works pretty well.

This is a similar problem to LMP and Indy cars which stall off the line. The easiest way around this, aside from getting/making a new tune, is just to run no clutch with that specific car. The clutch button becomes inactive, so it won’t matter if you still hit it as force of habit, but it does mean your start will be much better - the time lost by not clutching is easy outshadowed by the time made by a good start.

The problem is in the build. Raceboy would just need to remove the flywheel for you. The usually fixes the problem.

Knowing that raceboy tunes cars to be fast, the likelihood he is actually using the race flywheel is very slim.

Flywheel is regarded by many of the top tuners as the 2nd worst upgrade to put on a car, only behind the clutch.