Problem with online roadtrip, disconnected


Am I the only one that having problem with online roadtrips? 9/10 times I get disconnected when we are voting for a new roadtrip/class, sometimes it says “you have been disconnected from online…” and sometimes “check your internet connection, you have been disconnected”. Funny thing is that I always have 100mbits down and 12mbits up, always, have been like that for the last couple of years… So horizon, why don’t you show me a message that says “sorry, we are cheap bunch of guys that don’t care about our players, so you have been kicked out, it has nothing to do with the real messages we show”…

So in the future, lessons learn, don’t buy forza again, because it has been the some problems since the beginning…

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Your Rewards-stats show well over 8,800 points meaning you’ve enjoyed a lot of the games so far. The connection on FH2 is somewhat buggy but one day I can play 8 hours straight online and have no issues, the next day I get disconnected as well after the vote. Seeing that I haven’t found a clear “article” on how the lobbies are arranged/organized, it’s hard to say if it’s server-side or client-side that makes the online roadtrip “disappear”.

That said, the argument about what speeds who has with their ISP is always void; a high speed doesn’t necessarily mean it will give you a good online experience for whatever service.

Ofcourse not, but in this case Iam not the one to blame, and I hoped Turn10/Playgroundgames had learned from previous mistakes from servermalfunction, but nothing has changed… that’s what really bother me…

And yes I have played pretty much and now when I want to enjoy the multiplayer side of it and I can’t even vote a new roadtrip, that’s really annoying.

ONCE today I got disconnected from a online road trip it was the first time it has happened out of many trips… not complaining, just saying :slight_smile:

Good for you :slight_smile: Only today I have been disconnected like 4times of 6 roadtrips… and 3/4 times it’s in the voting section.

I guess I got lucky HA!

I’m from UK don’t know if that matters connection wise

I’m from Sweden, but that should not matter when the servers stand in US?

Assumption? There is no way the servers are only in the USA. There are also Xbox-games out there that support host-migration based on which console is the best for hosting a lobby. Titanfall used/uses the Azure-cloud for some of its online presence; those datacenters are widespread around the world, not in the least place of the increasing legislation about “localized storage”. Microsoft says it has more than 300,000 servers for Xbox Live in place and seeing how some digital downloads fail to work in 1 region but do work in other regions, I think it’s much safer to assume that servers are globally available.

Anyhow, back to your initial issue: there are multiple threads on these forums that deal with connectivity, incompatible routers, port-forwards, IPSec and other stuff that comes with hooking up your console to the internet. None were mentioned in your first question about what you have set up so it’s anyone’s guess how to solve it in your case.

This has also became really annoying
It Seemed to have started on the Xbox One about 5 days ago when the Game has been getting popular. Most Probably Server overload or something, This needs to be fixed, Every other game I have works Fine :\

Every time an Online Road Trip ends, I am able to vote on what place I want to goto. Then once the timer is done, and the place is selected, it boots me from the online servers. It has done this every single time today, and is becoming quite frustrating.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix for it that I could do?

Have you had some good days and some bad days with this?

I think it is a server side issue because most days I can run a few roadtrips in succession without a dropout but sometimes this happens.

When it happens it happens for all in that lobby.

This is the first day, since day 1 when I got the game digitally, that this has happened. It’s always on the voting screen, once a map has been selected, and its been every single time so far.

I have had it singly at that exact same point not so much a recurring throughout the day but I would assume it is still the same issue and therefore server side.

Having the exact same issue. Can join a road Trip and at the end vote for a destination and then get booted out. :frowning:

I played a road trip with a Playground Games Q&A Programmer earlier this morning. He said they are looking into it. A fix is coming!

Side note: the XBone gets all kinds of buggy after being on for a while… Maybe a hard reset can remedy the situation? That’s what I’m going to try right now

Almost everytime after I finish a championship I get disconnected from Online Road Trip right after picking a new class and I know it’s not my internet because I don’t have issues with other online games. I’m wondering if I’m the only one having the issue…

at the end of every online road trip after the last event when choosing poll for next class, after the timer counts down, about 90% of time since last update i get" disconected from online road trip", while im in the road trip i have no issues and can play all events and the trips in between each, it just happens when we are about to start a new class, i can reconnect another road trip fine within seconds but becoming a bore as i would just like to continue the road trip im in at the time., is anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t had many online drop issues until today. Tried 2 different road trips today and got dropped out of both after 2 or 3 races. Hopefully this will not become a trend.

I played 3roadtrips yesterday and everything worked fine. Anybody else who occasionally has problems and played yesterday and it worked for you too?

I have a same problem. It’s always happened after poll.