Problem with my wheel T300RS on PC

Hello ! =)

I would like to play driving on FH4 but I have a problem. When I turn right, the wheels of the car are turned all the way but I can still turn my steering wheel 45 °, while when I turn left everything is fine the wheels follow my steering wheel well.
It is frustrating this problem …
Everything is ok in the thrustmaster software.
I tested different settings but nothing helps.

How to fix the problem?

thank you in advance !

So the thrustmaster software calibrates the wheel fine and you get the same sensitivity/degrees of rotation if you are turning right or left (in the thrustmaster app) and the pedals work properly, etc, so no problems with the wheel in the Thrustmaster testing application…

But in Horizon 4 the wheel is basically not having the wheel calibrated properly…Hmmm.

Make sure the wheel settings (in FH4) are at default…maybe try unplugging the wheel while you are in the game and plugging it back in, the wheel might re-calibrate itself then…worth a try.

Good Luck, someone who games more on the PC version will hopefully see this and help you out.

Thank you for your help, I will still try to unplug my in-game steering wheel =)