Problem with messages on forum!

First of all, why isn’t there a thread that’s dedicated to the workings of the forums? Oh yeah, loads of whining and complaining and calling the mods a "$£%^$%^&$%&.
Right, i have a problem and it’s not resolving itself. I’ve tried everything i can think of. My forum messages are showing a 5 messages in my inbox, and i can’t delete any messages from my message section, so i’m currently at 248/250 messages! Do i get an achievement for filling my inbox?
Please could someone look into this for me as it’s infuriating not being able to manage my messages.
Thanks guys!

Having the same issue
Can only delete received messages not the sent ones

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Yeah, have messaged Snowowl but not got a response yet. But that was only yesterday so maybe i’ll hear soemthing.
I can’t erase any messages, from my inbox or anything! It’s maddening.
These forums have never been the best but they’re being left to die a slow death it feels like. Like it’s too much trouble to actually make them work properly.

Wondered why I couldn’t clear put anything other than inbox…

I can’t even clear inbox!