Problem:Voice Language was changed after 5/16 update

I am Japanese.
I use Windows10 Japanese.
I played Forza6 apex after release day 5/5.
Forza Vista mode,there is voice descliption about the car.
it voise was Japanese.
but,after 5/16update,descliption have been saying English!
I serch sound option,but this game donnt have language settings.
Icannnot change voice to Japanese.
I think that it is issue of update.
Turn10,help me!


Please change or re-change your Win10 language to japanese and perform a reboot.

Maybe this helps .

but cannnot fix.

change windows language to English.
launch forza,game all language was English.
rechange windows language to Japanese.
launch Forza,all text,UI was Japanese.
but,Voice of tour descliption and Forza vista discliption,was English.
Before update,thoes are Japanese voice.
This is right that it is update issue.

Please try it again after you installed the update which was released today.
(Unfortunatly we don’t have a change log yet)

If it’s still not working …

You can either send an email to

Or send a private message here on the forums to Mechberg or LV T10

Good luck !

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Thanks, Noobertson.
I re-installed newer version,but dont fix this problem.
I sent mail you tell me.
I hope fix this problem.