Problem Saving Photo's

I’m having problems saving Photo’s. I want to level up the Photographer, but I can make photo’s, save photo’s but when I press on Share it keeps giving me the can’t share because of some sort of Language Filter. i.e. took a photo of my Acura NSX 2017 earlier at my home/house, filled in what car it was and at the description tried several different descriptions but keep getting the same thing on my screen and am not able to share it. Any suggestions?

Well one thing to try is not adding a description at all. You can change the prefilled options, but the freeformat text box doesn’t have to be filled in to share a photo.

If that’s still not working for you. (if you’re on xbox) try doing a full shutdown of your box and unplugging it from the wall socket for about a minute. Do the same for your router. Then plug them back in and boot it up. Hopefully that will clear your cache and may resolve your issue.